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Sharpologist usually purchases the products it reviews to avoid any perception of bias or conflict-of-interest. In fact, under current trade (FTC) and tax (IRS) guidelines in the United States, it is more advantageous for Sharpologist as a business to purchase a product and take the cost as an expense, than it is to receive a product without cost with its “fair market value” classified as revenue (the kicker here is free products do not put food on the table or clothes on the back!).

Under some circumstances (such as prototypes, limited product availability, or timing for a product launch), products may be received from a brand, vendor, public relations (PR) representative, or other source at no cost to Sharpologist. If a product was received at no cost it will be noted in a post related to it.

Receipt of a product, whether solicited or unsolicited, does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product or for the substance of any content produced that discusses the product: Sharpologist is under no obligation.

If a post is labeled as a “Sponsored” post, some type of compensation was received for publishing it, including but not limited to money, credit, or other types of consideration. Sponsored posts are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Sharpologist abides by word-of-mouth marketing standards: honesty of relationship, opinion and identity. Honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on products received (from PR representatives or otherwise) are the rule.