Shaving Videos

Introduction to Traditional Wet Shaving, Part 1: Concepts

Introduction to Traditional Wet Shaving, Part2: Lathering

Introduction to Traditional Wet Shaving, Part 3: The Shave

How To Wet Shave With A Single Blade Razor

The 10 Minute Traditional Wet Shave

How To Choose A Shaving Brush

How To Select And Use Aftershave Balms And Splashes


The “Everything” Playlist

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  1. David Cardenal says

    I know just launched, but is there a way to organize the videos better. I liked sending friends to because the first 8 videos were the most important for beginners. This scroll box is clumsy to use and hard to browse. Perhaps you could break it into three sections: Beginners/Fundamentals, Advanced/Specialty, and Featured Products/Reviews. This is a great resource, but it could be better to navigate.

  2. says

    Awesome. Much improved organization for the videos. I tuck notes into the copies of LeisureGuy’s Guide to Gourmet Shaving (which I give as gifts) for websites that have what I consider to be “quick start” value. This is the new URL that I will use.

  3. PN says

    You have such perfect looking thumbnails. They look very neat for the videos when you’re doing your shaving intruction videos.

  4. Ferral Cat says

    Thank you so much Mantic and Andy for this website and for all the hours you have volunteered to educate people on the benefits of DE shaving.

    I am 34 years old and had NO IDEA there was anything else available other than the Shick Quattro or Gillete Mach 3 and so forth. Not to mention the Foamy canned shaving cream from Walgreens and CVS that I have used all my life.

    This information has made shaving so much fun and Zen for me! And I have another new hobby now.

    Thanks!! =)

  5. Hardcorecrysis says

    Hi mantic59,
    Nice videos,nice tutorial,but please if you have time, I would be very grateful if you can make shaving video about Merkur Progress like a review( 3 passes), I know it’s your personal very best DE machine.
    Thank You.

  6. Mike Enders says

    Thanks Mantic. I have been a DE shaver for one year now and greatly enjoy the “zen” of the experience. I come back to your videos about every 2 months just to check my fundamentals.

  7. scott says

    great videos and site. One video or discussion that would help is how to get a straight razor moving in some odd directions on your face. I can go down pretty consistently. The hair on my neck goes off to the sides though and I have a hard time figuring out how to hold and move the blade in the direction of the beard on my neck. My neck does not have a lot of long flats, which compounds this problem.

  8. stephen says

    I echo the sentiments of many others. Many thanks to Mantic59 for the excellent videos and information. I must have watched nearly all of them and I am now following the instructions as closely as possible. I’m in my forties and have lived with the embarrassment and discomfort of shaving once/week (w/cart razors and canned cream) because any higher frequency caused skin irritation and sliced up my skin. Even at once/week I still suffered with some ingrown hairs, small white pimples, and red bumps on my neck 1-2 days post-shave. You have empowered me to improve my shaving skills. Finding a beautiful bride like you did would be a nice bonus. Had my first adjustable DE razor shave last night and consider it a huge success, though I set the bar pretty low at “let’s just avoid needing an emergency blood transfusion”.

    Had a question about lathering. I used TOBS sensitive skin cream with pure badger brush and spent a good 2-3 minutes working up the lather, re-wet my face just before application, and spent another 2-3 minutes thoroughly brushing it on. As best I could tell it looked to be a similar consistency to your videos and went on my face just fine. Problem is that I could only get through maybe 1/3rd pass of shaving before the lather seemed to dry up on my face. That is, it seemed to develop some cracks instead of remaining smooth and creamy with a hydrated appearance. Adding a touch more water to the brush before applying did not seem to help. Fearing this might have an effect on lubrication, I had to freshly re-brush areas just before shaving. Part of this may be related to technique (i.e. I’m shaving too slowly), but I observed the rate at which the consistency changed and even from my cart razor days I don’t think I could ever hope to get through a single pass fast enough to prevent this from occurring. Therefore, my question is am I doing something wrong such as vastly undershooting in the amount of water needed for my lather? Is this something specific to this brand of shave cream? Is it something to even worry about? It’s a little scary to go with the “just try it and find out” approach when the consequences are slicing your face to ribbons.

    Thanks very much for any insight you can offer.

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