Advertising/Media Kit was developed as an evolutionary step from mantic59’s YouTube shaving videos and original blog.  The “shavetutor” videos, as they are known, have become the seminal “how to shave” videos, with over 25,000 YouTube subscribers and about 4,000 video views per day.

The newly redesigned launched in October, 2011 with the help of a digital media company with almost 20 years of online publishing experience.

Advertising options/rates

Location Size CPM
Top Banner 728×90 $10
Half-Page 300×600 $20
Medium rectangle 300×250 $10
Half rectangle 300×100 $125/month


The rates above are for single-month, single-location: longer term and/or multi-location campaigns enjoy significant discounts.  Several easy-to-understand advertising “packages” are available, please ask for details.  Sophisticated ad software is used that can target the best demographics for you (for a small surcharge).  Animated displays are possible although Flash files are discouraged because of their security flaws.

Paid/Sponsored “advertorial” posts (including giveaways): $500 (minimum).  We normally discourage these types of posts because they can be abused but will consider them on a case-by-case basis.  A “sponsored” identification and payment in advance is required.

For more information contact

Target Audience/Traffic

Sharpologist’s target audience is men of all ages who are interested in grooming and style (and ready to buy product!).  Traditional shaving is a particular emphasis, though other aspects of grooming, style and gadgets are represented, as well.

Demographics include:

  • Pageviews: approximately 250,000/month
  • Males 92%, females 8%

Predominant visitor countries:

    • USA: 62%
    • UK: 8%
    • Canada: 6%
    • Australia: 3%
    • India: 2%

Age distribution:

    • 18-24: 15%
    • 25-34: 35%
    • 35-44: 18%
    • 45-54: 16%
    • 55-64: 10%
    • 65+: 6%


The “mantic59” videos and Sharpologist have been referenced by a number of digital and print mass media, including:

  • Money magazine
  • The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel
  • Florida Today
  • New Zealand Herald
  • Newsmax



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