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“The double edge razor shines forth as an enduring rebuke to an age customarily enticed by the vapid promises of mass technology, Where technology is vague of purpose, the double edge razor is specific. Where technology is often blunt and crude; the double edge razor is elegant. Where the best of technology is for the few, the double edge razor speaks to the average man. Where technology is soulless, the double edge razor renders a man both confident and soulful. This marvelous shaving tool is modern man’s talisman against every wild offense the world throws at him. The double edge razor is a man’s companion and constant promissory of all the best he can hope for in this life. With his razor in hand, any man is transformed into a virtual prince of tides; he is always happiest when enveloped in a watery mix of soap, cream and steel.” – Charles Roberts

Although Charles is limiting himself to the razor in the paragraph above, it definitely reflects the “zeitgeist” of traditional shaving for me; the Zen-like character of applying warm, fragrant lather with a brush and shaving with a single blade razor. Its a skill (yes, skill) largely lost in today’s society.

This site is a supplement to my “how to shave” instructional videos found on YouTube, metacafe, blip,  and howcast.  After using the free Blogger/Blogspot service for five years I decided to “bite the bullet” and get a real website.  With the popularity of my shaving videos really starting to ramp up I just couldn’t get the features and functionality I wanted out of Blogspot.  So with the help of some very web-savvy shaving converts–who just happen to work at a full service digital media company–”Sharpologist” is born!

The main focus of “Sharpologist” will be traditional shaving, but there will also be material on other aspects of grooming and style too.  The goal is to make Sharpologist super-useful to the man new to traditional shaving and grooming, plus have enough extra content to remain useful to the more experienced.  That means clear, well-written tutorials on grooming (particularly traditional wet shaving) and reviews of products you need to know about.  There will also include the occasional “off topic” article.

Notice the top menu?  Clicking Shaving, Grooming, Style, etc. will bring up all the posts for that category.  If you hover your pointer over a menu item you may see additional items on that subject appear.

And while I advocate certain products and techniques, I promise not to get too preachy. We’ll build a community based on mutual assistance, a sense of humor and rock-solid advice from people who know what they’re talking about (I plan to have several “guest authors” helping).


I’m not a barber nor a “shaving professional.”  Any views, reviews and commentary on this site should be read with that in mind. I am fairly educated on the subject of traditional shaving but it is a hobby rather than a profession so any advice or recommendations should not be considered to be carved in rock.

All reviews are written with my routines and preferences in mind: what works for me, may not work for you. As a result, I can’t take any responsibility for anything that may happen to your skin as a result of following any advice or recommendations contained within this blog.

I do not routinely accept sponsored posts – i.e. I am not remunerated by any of the companies you see featured here. Companies, brands and products are featured on this site entirely on their own merits (or lack thereof), and entirely at my discretion, for no other reason than I want to feature them.

I usually do not accept products for review: if a product appears on the market that generates enough interest I will usually just buy it if it is within my budget. However, acceptance of samples is not to be considered in any way a guarantee that a review will appear. I will always state if I have received a product free.

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  1. Michael Kennedy says

    Thank you so much for all your effort and information. I just finished my second wet shave with my Merkur Progress and AOS products. They were a Christmas present from my wife. I watched your videos, and what a help! I would have had no idea what I was doing without them. You are “The Man”!
    Thanks again,

  2. Ted Farrison says

    I took the plunge and started shaving with a DE razor. The razor is a Merkur 38C. My first shave using that razor was absolutely that the best I had ever experienced (yesterday). Unfortunately, I became over confident and due to poor technique my second shave (which occurred today) was not so good and I am still feeling the results 12 hours later. I will re-watch your videos as they provided a wealth of information for me and I am sure this information helped me to obtain my first good DE shave and will help me to improve my technique. Thank you.

  3. Matt Bosworth says

    Three weeks in now to DE safety shaving and My skin has never been this comfortable. I am using a Weishi safety razor with proraso products that also came with a number of different blades to try. I have suffered with shaving for years and pretty much gave up trying, wearing a stubble most of the time.

    Now I look forward to shaving and have got into the pre bed, post shower shave and the wonderful feeling my face is left with.

    Making time and effort as well as learning to shave has been well worth it and made all the more easy by the fantastic resources available here, were it not I may not have even taken the plunge and tried!. Sincere Thanks.

  4. Wes Taylor says

    Great website and I really appreciate your videos. They have been a tremendous help to me! Please keep them coming!

  5. Alfredo Z says

    When I think of how much I’ve suffered over the years shaving. It was painful trial and error experiment each and every time, often ending in my suffering. I can just kick myself for not having discovered DE shaving sooner. I changed to shaving soap some 4 years ago and now swear by Proraso. The “missing-link” was my razor/blades. Now, thanks to your videos, blogs and reviews, I’ve moved to a Merkur Futur with Derby blades and I simply can’t believe it. Shaving is actually easy! Who knew?

  6. Rlayten says

    I finally broke down after using my Schick Injector for several years and bought a Weishi TTO razor, and a sample pack. After going through most of the blades in the sample pack, I am beginning to notice that (for me) the blades that are considered duller and cheaper (Crystal, Bic, etc) seem to be giving me a better shave than the blades known for their sharpness (Astra,Derby, 7 O’clock, etc).
    Anyone care to venture a guess as to why? I would think that the sharper the blade the better, because it slices through the hair easier, thus, fewer strokes.

    • Mike says

      Go with it, My go to blades are Dollar Store Personnas. I have tried a dozen others and still get the smoothest nice shave with the cheap blades.

      • Rlayten says

        After cultivating a 4 day growth, I decided to try the Feather blades. Just as advertised, they are wicked ninja sharp, as Mantic puts it in his video.
        They are not a blade I could use for every day shaving, but when I go out camping and don’t shave for several days, they would work pretty well. There was no pulling or skipping, my Weishi sliced right through. After shaving this morning however there was quite a bit of irritation, so its not one I will use every day. Crystal or Bic blades will be used for that.

  7. Bodistaffa says

    Late to the party!! My poor shaving products and techniques have troubled me my entire life. I just turned the big 40 and became a dad to my 7 week old daughter Kyle. Her first week home my stubble really irritated her precious baby skin. I knew there had to be a better way do to the fact my father never taught me. I Stubbled, I mean stumbled across your videos on you tube! Life changing. A big thank you from me and one day when my daughter can speak we will do a thank you tribute video together. Mantic 59 sincerely, thank you!

  8. says

    I have been in the game for years and have taught over 500 Barbers how to hone and strop. I feel like a kid in a candy store! So far out of the 5 Articules I have read I loved them all and took something from it. Excellent job on everyone’s part and I wish I could stay the whole night reading if I didn’t have so many emails to answer. But I can say this, I will be sending my clients here, I am very impressed what I have seen in such a short period of time!!

    Kind Regards,
    Phil & Jane
    The Classic Edge Shaving Store

  9. Bertus says

    I am DE shaving for two months now. Saw some of your youtube films and got enthousiastic. Never really was satisfied with mach 3, mostly because the cartridges are ridiculously expensive. Started out with a Merkur 30C and purchased a Merkur Futur a couple of days ago. Just had my fourth shave with it. I used the Merkur blade that came with it and lathered with TOBS sandelwood shaving cream. Best shave I had in many, many years! Here in the Netherlands good shaving stuff is hard to get in regular stores. One has to browse the internet. There are a few good internet stores in Holland. I also purchase my stuff at internet stores in the UK and the USA

    Thank you for making my daily shaving routine an enyoiable experience.


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