Rockwell Razors Follow Up

rockwell prototype

The Rockwell Razors Kickstarter project that we mentioned Wednesday seems to have been a hit with the wet shaving community.  The project met it’s initial funding goal within 24 hours (Kickstarter gives projects 28 days to meet their funding goal)!  We have been able to get some exclusive access to Rockwell.  Sharpologist co-founder Andy Tarnoff was able to sit down with one of Rockwell’s founders, and Mark (Mantic59) got his hands on a prototype razor.

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After The Shave – Rocktape And Rock Sauce

rock tape

Have you noticed athletes (especially those participating in the last Summer Olympics) wearing colorful tape on their bodies?  They are using the latest generation of elastic athletic tape.  Sometimes called Kinesiology Tape, it is an elastic adhesive tape used to support and stabilize muscles and bones during physical activity.  Many people–including myself–also find it useful for dealing with the aches and pains of physical activity…or age.  Rocktape is one such tape, and a good one at that.

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kickstarter Project: Rockwell Razors

rockwell[UPDATE: Rockwell Razors met their initial funding goal on it's first day on Kickstarter!]

Sharpologist likes to publicize shaving-related funding projects.  For example, we’ve previously showcased Dave’s Shower Shave and BornSharp.  Here’s a new one: Rockwell Razors.  Rockwell has some interesting attributes–an all stainless steel razor with a price point far below other stainless steel razors, and a set of reversible, interchangeable base plates.

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What Is The Best Shaving Cream?

best shaving cream

[UPDATED September, 2014!]

What is the best shaving cream?  There is a lot of it out there–the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And shaving cream can be pretty important: it can make using a blade a pleasant, fragrant diversion or a painful, bloody chore.

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