MOvember Update, Shaving Links For 28 Nov

r89 replacement

We’re coming down to the wire with Sharpologist MOvember campaign!  Please consider donating to a worthy cause.  And after MOvember has been completed I will be making a shaving video about taking off my MOvember mustache, along with some advice on how to get a decent shave in the under-the-nose area.  Meanwhile:

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How To Avoid Acne After Shaving


The acne that you get after shaving differs slightly from the common form of acne that you used to get during your teen years and puberty. Acne occurs when the hair follicles clog and lead to the formation of red bumps. Oil and dead skin cells block the opening of the follicles by pooling together, and consequently, they form this clog. The acne that you get after you shave occurs because blockage takes places due to the irritation of the follicles owing to the simple act of shaving. As with many other skin problems, prevention is the best cure for this type of acne. You can reduce irritation and the pimples that accompany it by using the following proper shaving techniques.

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8 “Good Deal” Razors Under $20

3 razors

Michael Ham (Leisureguy) recently emailed Mark Herro (Mantic59) with a proposal for a Sharpologist article on the best DE razors for a novice who wants a good razor but also wants to minimize the initial expense until he knows for sure that DE shaving is going to work for him. Mark was already planning such an article himself, so we agreed to combine our efforts.  Although some excellent razors—razors that are both highly efficient and very comfortable—are available in the $70-$80 price range, we presume that most novices would prefer to get started at a lower price, so in this article we shall list only razors that sell for less than $20.

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What Is The Best Shaving Cream?

best shaving cream

[UPDATED November, 2014!]

What is the best shaving cream?  There is a lot of it out there–the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And shaving cream can be pretty important: it can make using a blade a pleasant, fragrant diversion or a painful, bloody chore.

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