How To Not Choose The Wrong Cologne

Darwin believed that us humans produce two types of smells: defensive and attractive. When scientists delved into the topic of exactly what makes our nose tick for attraction, they came up with no exact answers. We do know that scents, both natural and unnatural, have profound effects on mood, but there are no studies that prove why these reactions exist. For now, science abandons us to figure out this whole scent thing out on our own. … [Read More]


Triethanolamine? In My Shaving Cream?

Marc writes: "Could you write an article on the best shave soaps that do not have Triethanolamine as a component because it has been linked to cancer and is used by Talyor...and other high profile soap companies shown in articles on this site." … [Read More]

Knot Standard cropped

KnotStandard Suits

When it comes to our shaving habits, whether they are obsessive or just "doing what needs to be done", there is a common factor - we shave (or don't, as my beard attests) to have an impact on our appearance.  Whether or not we think about shaving in those terms, it is a truth.  Our choice in clothing has a rather similar effect.  As they say, "the clothes make the man".  Well, that particular gem may be overstating things a bit, but clothing can certainly help things along.  For myself, I find … [Read More]

sf bags razor case

Waterfield Razor Travel Case

Waterfield Designs in San Fransisco recently contacted me to ask if I was interested in looking at their razor case.  A razor case?  I was kind of skeptical but I decided to check it out.  What I got pleasantly surprised me. … [Read More]



What Is The Best Shaving Cream?

[UPDATED September, 2014!] What is the best shaving cream?  There is a lot of it out there–the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And shaving cream can be pretty important: it can make using a blade a pleasant, fragrant diversion or a painful, bloody chore.