Cleaning A Blade?

Eran writes: "I use Crystal blade.  I was wondering how do I rinse and clean them after each shave. Do you have an article or video about it? Also, on the paper wrapping each blade piece it says not to shake but just to rinse and let dry - what … [Read More]


Interesting Shaving Links This Week

I would like to publicize some really good shaving-related links I've seen very recently: How To Store Your Straight Razor (Why I Wet Shave) What Is Triple Milled Soap And Is It Better? (Soaper|shaver) The Big Three (razor) Design Factors … [Read More]

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What Is The Best DE Razor?

[UPDATED February, 2015!] "What is the best double edge safety razor?" I get the question all the time.  Unfortunately there's no easy answer.  … [Read More]