merkur 40

Merkur 40 “Barrel Handle” Razor

A short while back I wrote an article about Merkur's line of DE razors.  Most of them have been around for ages, with lots of information and reviews available with a simple search engine query.  A few are relatively new though.  One of the new … [Read More]

razor ad

Thin DE Razor Heads?

Joe writes: I have several Gillette and Schick classic DE razors with big (fat) heads. I noticed some of the razors you displayed in some of your videos have very thin heads on them (like the one in the ad above), and like some of your three piece … [Read More]

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What Is The Best DE Razor?

[UPDATED February, 2015!] "What is the best double edge safety razor?" I get the question all the time.  Unfortunately there's no easy answer.  … [Read More]