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Wet Shaving Links And News From April, 2018

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Here is a survey of last month’s links that I found interesting.

Shave Valet

Wegian Warrior

Razors On A Spring?
Gillette Toggle Patents
Early GEM Advertisement
Pereira Shavery Frist Shave Report
Clarisonic Face Brush

Primer Magazine

What’s The Difference Between EdT and Cologne?

Copycat Fragrances

Guide To Perfume Types

Wet The Face

No One Fights Alone
Pinaud Clubman Shave Soap

Dollar Shave Club

What You Need To Know About Penile Cancer
How Often Should you Wash Your Hair?

Positive Health Wellness

What Causes Gray Hair And How To Prevent It? – Infographic

Tailor And Barber

DR Harris Windsor Review

Tools Of Men

How Long Do Razor Bumps Last?

Grooming Essentials

Best Aftershave Balms

BrushnSoapnBlade Podcast

Ep 214 – Schick versus Gillette…a Double Edge Razor Battle!

Georgetoon Blog

AP Shave Co. Tuxedo Brush


Interviews About Shaving A Man Of Color


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2 thoughts on “Wet Shaving Links And News From April, 2018”

  1. A quick comment on what you call my “Pereira Shavery Review”; that is just my first shave report on the soap I received from Pereira Shavery. The actual review will likely be posted closer to the middle of May when I got a few more shaves with the soap.

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