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Two More Shaving Related Kickstarters

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Along with the recent Rockwell model T Kickstarter I see two more shaving related funding projects.  One is the Range Leather Co. Travellr travel bag and razor case and the other is the RZR razor, a “no nonsense” multi-blade razor.

Range Travellr

Well above their pledge goal already, the Range Leather Co. is looking to fund production of a low-profile “travel bag” (like a Dopp kit) and two different razor cases–one for cartridge razors and one for double edge (DE) safety razors.  Range sent me a sample of the DE case to evaluate and it’s quite nice.  It seems to be well-built and can accept a long handled razor:
The leather looks thick and durable.  Assuming the travel bag is made out of the same stuff it should hold up quite well too.  I like the idea of a “low profile” Dopp kit that can expand as needed so I’ll be keeping an eye on the production version!
Take a look at their Kickstarter page for more information.

RZR Shaving Razor

The other Kickstarter worth mentioning is the RZR razor.  It still has a ways to go to meet its pledging goal.  Multi-blade cartridge razors are anathema to many Sharpologist readers but the RZR is trying to go a “kinder, gentler” route.  It’s a fully metal idea with blade replacements that don’t have any plastic to it can be recycled easier.  No lube strip…no pivot…no pretentioner (the little fins at the base of many razor cartridges).
Take a look at their Kickstarter page for more background and information.


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6 thoughts on “Two More Shaving Related Kickstarters”

  1. The Range Leather items will likely be VERY EXPENSIVE. Per their Kickstarter page, the Range Leather items will be made from Horween leather. Horween of Chicago makes wonderful leather products but are seriously pricey.

  2. Yes, I commented on the RZR razor a few weeks ago and couldn’t figure out what the real inovation was. The only thing I can see is you now have to purchase you blades from them but as a Wet Shaver the freedom is to get away from this kind of thing is it not ?

    1. People switch to DE for different reasons. For some it is an escape from cartridge costs, skin concern for others and nostalgia for some, apparently. I’m sure there are several more possibilities as well as a combination of these reasons .
      I was a wet shaver (water, brush, quality creams and soaps) for years, while still using a cartridge razor and was, mostly, content. I switched to DE, simply because I found enjoyed the process more. I don’t feel DE is inherently superior to cartridge razors. It’s just the preferable tool for some of us.
      I believe there is a place for cartridge innovation. But is this it? Surely they can be more honest, and transparent, in their marketing, IMO.

      1. I, for one, do find DE & SE shaving far superior to the multiblade cart shaving I did for nearly over 20 years. Razor burn, tug and pull, in grown hairs, and razor rash and bumps were something I thought were just normal parts of shaving suddenly became a thing of the past when I started to shave with the DE and SE razors. I used to have raw red, flaking skin along the jawline and under my chin and that’s been gone for a long time now so for me, cart shaving was a cruel joke. One exception I make is I occasionally use a Trac II for 1 pass shaves as a change of pace or for travel if I don’t have checked baggage and don’t want to risk losing a pack of blades. I won’t go back to the 3+ blade systems again.

  3. Yeah I’m with you, The Dean. Making fun of a DE razor while the company is proposing a Mach 3 ish design is a little off-putting for me. Proprietary blades are a big question as well. I’m definitely going to pass but I thank Sharpologist for the article and links to check the projects out.

  4. The Range dopp kits and carrying cases look fine. Price is reasonable, I suppose. But is there some dearth of these in the shaving market? If I were in the market for one of these, I’d look at these along with the many other kits available.
    As for RZR, that’s another story entirely. The video smacks of the same kind of hyperbole in American infomercials–but dressed-up, in a classy Dutch package. Do you see the guy shaving with a DE razor? Who puts that much pressure on their face?
    “What’s with all this plastic, aloe vera and technology I don’t understand?” Wait, you don’t understand plastic and aloe vera? Yet you are designing a radically new type of razor? I hope one of you guys understands some technology. Marketing nonsense at its finest–or worst.
    Once again. there is NO VIDEO of this razor in use. A couple of still shots of a razor on a guy’s face, but no video. It makes me think, despite their claim they have a working prototype that “shaves great”, they in fact have no such thing. Perhaps they do, but the prototype doesn’t look very good or shave very good. If you tell me you have a product, and you know it works, show it working!
    Finally, unless I’m missing something, these will take proprietary blades/cartridges. So, I should buy a razor handle for $100 that takes proprietary blades, from a company that isn’t likely to be around in a couple years. Great idea! Count me in—not.

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