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Three Big Things Are Coming!

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Don’t tell me that traditional shaving isn’t catching on!
Wow, so many things are happening all at once!  First, my trip to Chicago for the event at the Palmer House has been expanded to include a side-trip to Milwaukee for another shaving event!  I’m working with Stag Barbershop and OnMilwaukee on the details but we’re shooting for Saturday, November 12.  Could this be a “shaving-palooza tour” in the making?!?
Second, I’m in the official countdown to 10,000 subscribers to my YouTube channel!  It cracked 9900 over the weekend.  So now I have to get going on some kind of appropriate celebration!
The third thing…is a secret right now.  But it is coming soon….


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7 thoughts on “Three Big Things Are Coming!”

  1. Congratulations, Mantic59, on the soon to be 10,000 subscribers! We love your videos and watch them repeatedly. Now get off your lazy ass and make more videos!

  2. Is Geofatboy finally lowering his prices on crappy used products before he makes himself look more ridiculous?

  3. chadd & coffee addict – nope!

    mattesl – now that's a scary thought. 🙂

    Robbo-November 12 at Stag Barbershop is where it stands at the moment. Details are still being pounded out.

  4. When and where is the Milwaukee event? I'm within reasonable driving distance of there… 😉

  5. A major supermarket chain is releasing the Mantic59 shaving range.. Featuring the limited edition collectable shaving mug, shaped exactly like Mantics head!

  6. No, not growing a beard. I'm almost sure Mantic will upload his FIRST STRAIGHT RAZOR SHAVING VIDEO. That's the third thing… I'm almost sure.

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