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The Scents of Shaving: D.R. Harris Windsor and TOBS Jermyn Street

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TOBS Jermyn Street and D.R. Harris Windsor

Long before Mantic59 and I started working together on Sharpologist, I was a newbie wet shaver, wondering what all the hubbub was about on the message boards and forums. Not knowing where to start, I reached out to both Classic Shaving and West Coast Shaving for advice. They both sent me enough supplies to get me going, and eventually, enough to turn this hobby into a business alongside Mantic, himself.
Interestingly, I’ve found wet shaving to be a “gateway drug” of sorts, opening my eyes to finer point of men’s style and grooming. In fact, I’ve amassed a far-too-large collection of colognes throughout this journey.   
However, there’s still one scent that I smelled on day one of this journey that left me wanting more. As a shaving cream, that scent went away as soon as I washed my face. But now I got my hands on Taylor Of Old Bond Street: Jermyn Street … the cologne. And it smells just as great as a fragrance as it does a cream.
John from West Coast Shaving was kind enough to send over a bottle for review, and he also mailed me D.R. Harris Windsor, a scent I had my eye on since I caught a whiff of a tiny sample. Both fall under the category of what I’m calling shaving scents. Unlike colognes that offer a matching aftershave, for example, these fragrances are derived from soaps or creams. It’s the best of both worlds.
Jermyn Street is the more interesting of the two. Designed for sensitive skin, it contains no alcohol, which is unusual for a cologne. Fortunately, that means it last quite a long time on the skin.
If I didn’t know scent pyramid, I’d call this a tobacco fougere, although people who understand this stuff more than me smell lime, bergamot, lavender, cedar, musk and vanilla. What I do know is this relatively linear British cologne smells wonderful and is a tremendous value: $31.00 for 100ml or 3.4 ounces.
D.R. Harris’ new Windsor cologne is another bargain at $37.99 for 100ml. It opens with a sweet orange, and dries down into black pepper, patchouli and vetiver. But it smells to me like a mash up of two more expensive and sophisticated colognes: Terre D’Hermes and Cartier Declaration.
To me, I get less of TDH’s flinty, earthy smell, and thankfully, none of Declaration’s cumin note. Windsor is an excellent daytime cologne, suitable for office wear. Its longevity is fair, but at this price for such a big bottle, it’s hard to complain.

Andy Tarnoff

Andy Tarnoff

6 thoughts on “The Scents of Shaving: D.R. Harris Windsor and TOBS Jermyn Street”

  1. Would you believe me if I told you my story was a lot like yours?
    It started with the Harry’s shaving kit. One day I was typing appear and I got a whiff of the shaving cream… I wanted more! It opened me up to shaving.
    Now a few months later I have all sorts of aftershaves! I mean from 5 different Bay rums, to sandalwood, to a cologne that smells like you just got back from the Beach! I kid you not! I became a big BIG fan of Phoenix artisan Shaving products, soaps and aftershaves are out of this world!
    Well, after spending a ton of money on aftershaves in the search for something that smelled like Harry’s and other scents I liked along the way, I picked up several Simpson shaving brushes, Chubby 2 and Duke 3. I ended up with an Above The Tie razor, and several more Artisan brushes! Almost all of the different Scents Taylors had to offer, with the exception of a few. Never did I find the scent that started it all… And no way would I ever go back to canned crap no matter how good it smelled.
    Funny thing is, I just got done using a sample of Taylors Jermyn street, and I swear to you, it smells JUST like Harry’s!!! I kid you not, I’m so happy right now.

  2. I really like Jermyn St. as a shave soap. It’s just a great modernized fougere scent, a little brighter than Houbigant’s classic Fougere Royale. I usually wear Dior’s Eau Sauvage after shaving with it, or T&H’s West Indian Limes. Windsor has that sandalwood/vetiver base to it that gives some body to its familiar Eau de Cologne top notes. I like it well enough as a cream, but I don’t think I’d wear it all day.

  3. Wet Shaving has been a “gateway drug” for me too!
    I guess there are worse things than being clean shaven and smelling good.

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