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The Aftershave 6

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10 Grooming Challenges That Make A Better Man (Askmen)
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4 thoughts on “The Aftershave 6”

  1. I had the same reaction to the “10 Grooming Challenges” as Doc S. I was reading along, not really being too inspired by any of the suggestions when I came to that one. My initial response was “Never”! I have been talked into going to a salon type place a couple of times by gals I was dating at the time and both times was disappointed with the results. Never again.

  2. “10 Grooming Challenges” is exactly the kind of list you would expect from someone with that haircut. Forget your barber, find a salon, huh? Yeah, did that. Got mostly the same hair for three times the price. Why does “experiment with your cut” always seem to end up at the pomaded spikey-do stop on the style train?
    Bah, I say. Humbug!

    1. Yeah I was kind of wondering about that myself. Several of the other suggestions specifically said to talk to a barber so the one that suddenly ‘changed its mind’ and suggested going to a salon was a little out of place. But there’s some solid info in the article.

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