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The Aftershave 16

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Pacific Shaving Free Trade-in:

Obtineo Safety Razor Lather Display Mug (Kickstarter)
Top 10 Grooming Myths (Risque Curves)
Cocktail Tools (Shakers, Spoons, Strainers) Explained (Gentleman’s Gazette)
7 Horrible Foods You Should Never Allow Near Your Mouth (Mind Body Green)


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5 thoughts on “The Aftershave 16”

  1. Nice round up on aftershave here. I think the lather shave mug is pretty creative, but there’s only 12 days to go and it’s only at around half of it’s original goal. Going to be interesting to see how many men are really into it in the next week or so here.

  2. Thank you so much for posting the Obtineo kickstarter link on your fantastic website! Much appreciated! Keep up your great work Mantic59

    1. Not to be a prick, but if you watch his pitch video it is so poorly done I am suspect about his ability to properly see through a quality product. I also have a few design issues with the product, but I admit it looks good.

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