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Testing: (The) Bluebeards Revenge

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Bluebeard’s Revenge shave cream has been getting a lot of “buzz” since its introduction late last year and I’ve been getting a ton of emails lately, asking for my opinion of it.  Truthfully, I have only tried it a couple times: it seems to be a very good cream in the traditional-style.  But its claim of reducing the appearance of the beard has not gotten a lot of traction that I have seen and it is the feature I am most curious about.  So I will be shaving with it exclusively for the next 30 days or so.  I will take a picture 24 hours after each shave to compare with.  After the test period I will compare the test pictures and we will see what the effect is on my beard.


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6 thoughts on “Testing: (The) Bluebeards Revenge”

  1. Anon- Sorry for the late reply. I've had a chance to thoroughly test it and yes, it does appear to reduce the speed of hair growth. Its a very good shave cream besides. I will be doing a video about it soon.

  2. Hey Mark,

    Glad to see you finally got around to testing the Bluebeards "revenge". Let us know how it works out. By the way, haven't seen you around B&B in a bit, come by if you have time.


  3. Anon- I don't think I have a top 5; maybe a top 3. Certainly my Progress is my go-to razor. I find a Merkur HD loaded with an Iridium blade excellent (for me). The classicshaving Cobra Classic is rapidly "growing on me."

  4. Hello

    I bought some old Gillette safety razors, but is never really satisfied. shave is not as good as the new classic Merkur 34c.

    You have tried many, who are they that provides a comfortable close shave?

    Do you have a top five list? 🙂

    Would be interesting to hear.


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