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Slumberhouse Fragrances

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Even experts with a much more astute nose for perfumes than I possess have a hard time putting scents from Portland indie fragrance house Slumberhouse into words. The easiest way to describe these incredibly potent colognes is that they smell like nothing else on the market.

Slumberhouse sent me four 2 ml samples, and they should last a good long time, since one spray is almost too many. “Jeke” is described as being reminiscent of “autumn twilight.” To me, its cade oil note smells like a dirty martini poured over a raging clove bonfire … in old leather boots. I love this one, but it blossoms about an hour after application. “Norne” smells like someone just rolled around in a fir and hemlock forest, yet the pitch-black cologne doesn’t contain a single essential oil or synthetic ingredient. “Sova” is a total gourmand, with a boozy caramel or gingerbread blast, while the unisex “Pear + Olvie” is the only relatively “normal” scent – although my wife says it smells like a candle. Anyway you slice it, these are amazing, out-of-the-ordinary fragrances. They’re so unusual, in fact, that I’m not sure where is the appropriate setting to wear them. Still, one spray of these and you’ll turn heads. At $125 an ounce, that’s exactly what one should expect.
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Andy Tarnoff

Andy Tarnoff

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