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Sharpologist 2019 Year In Review

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It’s a new year but it’s also a time to look back (and look forward).  Let’s review some of the highlights of Sharpologist’s year.


The year started out with an emphasis on razors:

Review: The Marvel, a new affordable razor from Fine Accoutrements

What Is The Best Double Edge Razor In 2019’s Changing Market? This is Sharpologist’s most-viewed 2019 article.

The Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements Starling – Versions 1 and 2

Is The Adjustable Safety Razor Finally Catching On? This is Sharpologist’s fifth most-viewed 2019 article.


February concentrated on technique:

How To Shave Efficiently – With Video

Can You Use An Electric Razor With Shaving Cream? This is Sharpologist’s forth most-viewed 2019 article.

How To Use An Adjustable Razor Most Effectively

Can You Make Your Shave Brush Last Forever?

Video – How To Shave With An Adjustable Razor


How To Keep The “Perfect” Amount Of Water In A Shave Brush Every Time – With Video

Pure: A Brush Friendly Shaving Cream From…Gillette?


The Gillette SkinGuard Razor: Is This 2 Blade Cartidge A Retreat From The Razor Blade Wars? This is Sharpologist’s second most-viewed 2019 article.

Vikings Blade Emperor Adjustable Razor

5 (Other) Ways To Prevent Razor Bumps

How To Manage Variables For A Better Shave This article includes a spreadsheet template you can use to keep track of your shaves.


Safety Razors: Not Just A Boys Club

Synthetic Shave Brushes in 2019 – Are The Days Of Badger Hair Shave Brushes Numbered?  This is Sharpologist’s ninth most-viewed 2019 article.

6 Ways To Treat Razor Bumps After You Already Have Them

What Is The Best New Twist To Open Butterfly Razor? [Analysis]

The State Of The Single Edge Razor In 2019 This is Sharpologist’s sixth most-viewed 2019 article.


Mid-year returned to another look at razors:

The Gillette Heated Razor

The Parker 55SL Semi-Slant Razor

Edwin Jagger 3ONE6 Razor Review  This is Sharpologist’s tenth most-viewed 2019 article.



July was dominated by research:

On Menthol, Synthetic Menthol, And Cold  (this was after the Barrister And Mann Terror With Synthetic Menthol review).

What Is The Best Shave Brush For Your Individual Needs?

What Is The Best Aftershave In 2019? This is Sharpologist’s eighth most-viewed 2019 article.

The Science Of Blade Sharpness  This is Sharpologist’s third most-viewed 2019 article.


Shaving 101 – The Double Edge Razor: Expectations vs. Reality

Qshave Parthenon V2.0 – Has It Been Tamed?

Analyzing The Wet Shaving Market In 2019

12 Wet Shaving Bargains You Can Buy Today

7 Alternative Razors For The Intermediate Stage Shaver

Razorock Switch


How To Take Care Of Your Shave Gear

What Is The Most Popular Double Edge Safety Razor Today?

Shaving 201 – How To Shave Your Face More Quickly (And Not Hurt Yourself Doing It)


October’s big news was the buzz around Gillette’s Heritage “throwback” razor:

The New Gillette Heritage Double Edge Razor [Info & Review]  This is Sharpologist’s seventh most-viewed 2019 article.

Shaving 101 – How to Screw Up (and Rescue) Your Shave

What Is The Best Shaving Cream For Razor Bumps?


What Is The Best Shave Cream For 2020?

Razorock ECO Razor Review

A Vikings Blade Deep Dive Review

4 Ways To Use A Shave Stick – With Video


How To Choose Shaving Products For The Beginner

My Long-Term Experience With The Lucky Tiger Essential Grooming Kit

Unobtainum In Wet Shaving

Is Amazon The Wet Shaver’s Friend?

Shaving 101 – Finding the Right Razor/Blade Combination

Another Look Back

Also be sure to take a listen to Joe Borrelli’s year-end recap on the Wet Shaving Talk podcast!


What was your favorite article of 2019? What would you like to see in 2020?  Leave a comment!



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  1. Great articals to read all year at Sharpologist so no complaints in that dept. I can only see that Shaving equipment will Improve & get more refined over time compared to brushes, creams, soaps & brushes. It would be great if razor makers would make more exotic models style wise.

    I have a Rockwell 6S and a Feather ASD2 ( but never use it ) as the Rockwell just beats it in the all round dept shave wise. I hope Rockwell make some Art Deco style handles for it to customise it and a polished version S6 Im in Australia and our shave market is not as big as your US market thus availability to a multitude of shave equipmant & supplies of varing nature “Plus” prices & price deals. The only info we get or a review of New Shave stuff is through the Sharpoligst web site.

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