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Queen Charlotte Soaps Anniversary Discount

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I just read on Reddit that Queen Charlotte Soaps is having an anniversary sale.  Use the coupon code anniversary1 on checkout for a 20% discount!  I’ve never used their shaving creams or soaps (they contain kaolin clay which my skin is sensitive to) but they have a pretty good reputation on the shaving forums.

[Edit: Sale runs through August 23]


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5 thoughts on “Queen Charlotte Soaps Anniversary Discount”

  1. Those of you who just ordered are in for a real treat. I started using their stuff as soon as they opened. Heard about them on a forum and was super excited as they operate just about a half hour away. So I bought 4 or 5 tubs of creams a year ago and they're still going strong, even after giving away a few samples. And word is, the original formula was softer than the new formula (post november, 2010).

    So now I've got an order in for their new hard soaps, new creams, and more bath soaps and shampoo. Can't wait to pick it up this week!

  2. I put in an order for the shaving cream sampler. I haven't ordered from this company before, but I'd like to try out their products. The coupon just about covered the shipping costs.

  3. I put an order for Cedarwood Lemongrass and Basilica. I've never used this brand before but that was a good price. I normally stick with Truefit&Hill but I thought I would try something new.

  4. Unfortunately shipping to Australia is (like most US stores) cost prohibitive. 🙁

    I wish USPS brought back international surface shipping…

  5. QCS Cedarwood Lemongrass is tied for my all time favorite cream both for performance and scent. If I didn't have enough cream to last through the next century I'd jump all over this. Their Vetiver is a great scent as well.

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