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Let The Tie Speak

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Did you know that every day more than 600 million people on the planet wear a tie?
Men’s ties have long been one of the main parts of a business suit. They not only create an image, but often become a kind of an indicator that can tell a lot about the man.
Psychologists say that the clothing details allow to make a fairly accurate psychological portrait of any person. Of course, you may argue with that, but when a man comes to a dating in a faded solid color tie, and is looking at the watch all the time, it can tell you a lot.

What does a solid color tie speak of?

Men who prefer solid-color ties are usually sound and meticulous, and sometime so predictable that few women can handle it. However, these qualities can be much appreciated by their boss, who is looking for a reliable regular employee who will plunge headlong into some monotonous work.  They seem dull and boring to exalted and romantic women, especially those who prefer black, gray or beige colors. But for women who see things in a more realistic light, such men may seem very reliable.

And what does a striped tie speak of?

The striped tie firmly won their place in the business world: they are associated with success. Usually men who prefer a striped tie build a good career and move up quickly through the ranks. They focus on professional growth and business ventures. However, psychologists believe that these men can have problems with a sense of humor, they take everything too seriously, and can be easily offended if the humor is aimed at them.
Ties with a plain simple pattern are worn by men with good self-control and endurance. They are hard to ruffle, even in difficult situations they don’t lose their presence of mind and make deliberate decisions in cold blood. They are self-possessed, modest, unflappable. However, a lack of improvisation and adventurism can lead to conflicts with people close to them.


Lovers of floral ties are usually very charming. They easily become the life and soul of the party, as they have a good sense of humor, they are communicative and responsive. Typically these men are ‘creative minds’ and either their profession or their hobby are somehow connected with the work to which they devote most of their time. Such people are known for their kindness and wit and they are very nice to talk to. However, when some difficult circumstances arise that require quick decision-making, they hide in a world of illusions.

Picture Ties?

Recently, many ties with the plot pictures have been put up for sale. Not every man would dare to wear such a tie. But those who do, tend to have courage and persistence in achieving their goals. They hate routine, monotony and humdrum. They are usually selfish, but it drives them to achieve success in life. In addition, they are very hard-working and smart. They are cheerful, sociable and good-tampered, and it is usually appealing to people around them, that’s why they always have friends.
However, no matter what kind of a tie you may choose, it is very important to tie it well.  A well-tied tie can make you irresistible. Whatever the color of a tie is, it is the necktie knot that will draw the attention of the person you’re talking to.  If your tie is not tied correctly it won’t say anything in your favor.  Certain care is required to learn to tie a tie.  If you don’t want to spend half an hour every day tying your tie, you can use a special mobile app for your smartphone ‘How to tie a tie’ (  Clear step-by-step instructions and animated images will help you to learn how to tie a good-looking knot all on your own.  Besides, you’ll learn which necktie knots are best suited for which type of tie and event you’re going to visit. In general, this app can be your personal  guide to style.
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10 thoughts on “Let The Tie Speak”

  1. Are there people out there that only ever wear one tie pattern? If I wear paisleys, stripes, and geometrics does that mean I’m indecisive or schizophrenic? ::raises eyebrow::

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  5. I certainly would not wear a floral or a tie with a picture on it. Personally I love to wear ties and I think you certainly can tell a lot about a man by the clothes he wears so that includes his tie and how he wears it. I have noticed some men have no idea on how to do the perfect knot.
    What I hate is when men wear ties that come from years ago and have seen better days then in my eyes they should just not wear a tie

  6. I agree that the idea that you can judge a man’s personality from his tie is completely bogus, and that this post is a disappointment and a departure from this blog’s usual high quality.
    I know the difficulties of writing in a second language, but when you are publishing professionally in English, get a proofreader whose first language is English:
    “when a man comes to a dating in a faded solid color tie, and is looking at the watch all the time”
    “many ties with the plot pictures”
    I have no idea what “a dating” or “plot pictures” are. And a guy looks at “his” watch, not “the” watch.

  7. Pop psychology at its most banal. This is the sort of tripe I expect at men’s style mags, but don’t typically see here.
    Sorry to be so harsh, but this is unneeded filler.

  8. Your psyche part is definitely not serious. I happen to wear either solid ties, ties with little, simple patterns, floral ties, and stripes ties ; since I enjoy much leeway to do so, I simply let my mood decide about it, just as I would do for the shaving soap or cream of the day !
    However, it is very true that the knot must be perfectly well done and fitting the chosen tie and shirt well.

  9. I really don’t think your psyche can be summed up by a tie. I only wear them when I have to, and I have solids, stripes and florals that I equally hate to wear.

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