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Interesting Shaving Links From Sep. ’17

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A few days late but here are some of the wet shaving links from last month I found interesting.

Why I Wet Shave

Comment on How to store a shaving brush, what you need to know. by Aaron Ross

BrushNSoapNBlade Podcast

Ep 188 – Intuitive!
Ep 189 – I Have Gone Nuts!
Ep 190 – A Blast from the Past
Ep 190 – Choices

Shave Like Grandad

No-Brainer Razor and Ming Shi Vs. Derby Extra
Chinese Blade Update, Over-Exuberant Product Promotion
My Final Word on A Tale of Two Blades: Ming Shi vs. Derby Extra

Wet Shaving Times

Just Touching Base – Taking Time Away…

Wegian Warrior

Mental aspects of aftershaves while on the Go
Gillette and two-part pricing

Stephen Davidson

The Muhle R41 1st Impressions:


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