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Green Irish Tweed Cologne

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Creed Green Irish Tweed – Do you want to smell like George Clooney on Oscar night? It’ll cost you a pretty penny, but you can do it.  Creed’s 1985 masterpiece, Green Irish Tweed, is supposedly the signature scent of many of Hollywood’s leading men, and it’s easy to see why.

The cologne is a classic Fougre: rich, fresh and sporty – but that doesn’t quite do it justice. With top notes of iris and lemon verbena, middle notes including violet leaves and base notes of ambergris (basically, whale mucus) and sandalwood, GIT is frequently imitated but never reproduced.  Counterfeits are rampant, and the decant I already had in my possession only smelled a little like the tiny, hand-poured sample Creed sent me.  A poor man’s version of GIT is Cool Water By Davidoff, but don’t let that sway you; the real deal can’t be copied from this legendary French fragrance house that once made cologne for Napoleon. At Creed’s official Web site, this stuff costs $155 for an ounce, but you know what, it smells like money. And Clooney. That’s a lot to spend on a blind buy, so you’ll have to trust me (unless you want to visit Neiman Marcus). Save your Green Irish Tweed for power meetings, special occasions … and maybe Oscar Night, too.
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Andy Tarnoff

Andy Tarnoff

6 thoughts on “Green Irish Tweed Cologne”

  1. Great stuff. Would suggest Floris Elite as a comparable uber scent, perhaps not as pricey. I would not like to smell like George Clooney on any night, by the way…

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  3. Good review. Appreciate that it is not too technical, trying to explain top notes, dry down and all that. I am a frag head (someone who wears cologne almost daily) and even I don’t really know half the stuff people are talking about when they start to opine on top notes, middle notes, etc, etc…
    I will make 2 observations. First, Creed is expensive, so are feather blades, brooks brothers suits, and the 3 T’s. In the vast majority of cases you get what you pay for, and that is certainly the case here. If I could I would buy a Creed Scent for every day of the week, but alas I can’t. Personally, I have found that buying a top notch product, doesn’t often disappoint. It is worth it, for the occasional use of course.
    Also, Leisureguy I agree with your point that buying a 1 ounce is smart. I have so many colognes and shaving creams that I have tried a few times, and want to try a few more. H0wever, I will not get all the way done, since I have my “go to” colognes and creams. So while paying for 1 oz. seems expensive in the long run it is a smart idea. Better 1 oz fully used than a 4 oz bottle half full. Oh, and I am 35, and I view Clooney as an older actor with salt and pepper hair that has won a few awards and kind of just taking it easy now. I imagine someone 10 years my junior thinks the Clooney reference is dated. A Carey Grant reference may have gone way over the head of many of the readers:)

  4. An ounce is a good size to get. The shelf life is not indefinite, and if you don’t use it daily (I can’t afford that), 4 ounces is a lot.
    The shaving soap is extremely good, FWIW ($82). Good stuff. Odd that you use George Clooney as the exemplar of the GIT man: I think GIT is very linked to Cary Grant.

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