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Andy Tarnoff's Favorite Tobacco Fragrances

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I’m not a smoker, but I won’t lie: I love the smell inside a tobacco shop. The scent of pipe and cigar tobacco – before it’s smoked, that is – is warm and sweet, masculine and inviting.
Apparently, I’m not alone in my appreciation of colognes that smell like tobacco, as there are many, many to choose from.I’ve tried quite a few, and with the exception of Versace The Dreamer (which smells like unlit cigarettes), I’ve liked most of them. And I really wanted to like Tabac, but as it was pointed out to me, that scent is tobacco flower, not tobacco leaf.
Here are my top eight colognes that rock the tobacco scent. I’ll list them in alphabetical order because it’s just too hard to pick favorites.
Aramis Havana: My grandfather wore Aramis, so obviously I love that scent. But I wouldn’t wear the original; it’s too mature. Aramis Havana takes that familiar scent and sends it down to Cuba. Excellent in hot, sweaty weather, it lasts for eternity. Tobacco is just one scent in this masterpiece, although it’s a little too formal for everyday use.
Burberry Men: It’s a mid-‘90s fragrance (sometime called Burberry London), but it doesn’t smell especially dated. Sandalwood, jasmine, cedar, musk and vanilla, somehow they mix together and I definitely smell tobacco here.
Cigar by Remy LaTour: One of the best bargains in cologne. You can find this at TJ Maxx for $7, and it comes in a bottle shaped like a bunch of cigars. But lest you think it’s a jokey cologne, it is not. Every time I wear it, my wife notices. I love this stuff and it’s dirt cheap.
Czech & Speake Cuba: On the other end of the price spectrum is Cuba. I do like this cologne, but it goes from tobacco to flowery during its amazing longevity. If you want to spend $125 for a bottle of cologne, you could do much worse. Beware, some people smell a “fecal” top note. I don’t, but I do catch a whiff of pickle juice.
Portland General Store Tobacco: A very nice cigar scent, but it’s gone in 20 minutes. Too bad. Skip this one.
Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Havane: Awesome sweet cigar sent from Thierry Mulger, but it’s gone in an hour. Discontinued, so you’ll pay a bunch for a decant. Not worth it.
Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille: A tale of two colognes. Opens up like a cigar store then turns into a vanilla factory. This juice costs $280, and a little goes a very long way. For the price, I’d recommend a tiny decant first.
Victor Rolf Spicebomb: I really like this new cologne. It’s best in the beginning, but surprise, it finishes vanilla. But it’s a very nice journey along the way.
Still on my list to try: Odori Tabacco, Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque, Santa Maria Novella Acqua di Cuba and Bogart Pour Homme. Any Sharpologist readers want to P.I.F., please let me know …

Andy Tarnoff

Andy Tarnoff

7 thoughts on “Andy Tarnoff's Favorite Tobacco Fragrances”

  1. 1. Burberry for men has nothing to do with Burberry London. 2 different fragrances.
    2. Mugler Pure Havane is not discontinued and lasts easily 8 hours on my skin, and I have average skin regarding getting long life from fragrances.

  2. Hey Andy,
    I just came across this website and while you probably won’t see this – since you posted this a couple of years ago, I thought I would recommend Michael Kors For Men for you to try.
    It’s like a 70’s classy vibe of tobacco, leather, booze, smoke and spice. Some even have said that the opening notes smell like gasoline. It’s a real man’s man cologne.
    Let me know if you do check it out.

  3. Andy, I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I’d like to. One of my favorite spots on earth was the converted Pullman Car tobacco shop outside of Denver. I’ve been a pipe and cigar smoker for years. I like the idea and have a TJ Maxx nearby…

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    1. Cuba Royal is a decent and inexpensive line of fragrance products. I prefer the After Shave for even general use which has the most hints of tobacco scent in it.

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