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Fall fragrance sampler

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cade lacoste juniperYes, I’m running out of space for great colognes in my bathroom. And no, I can’t really turn down an opportunity to sample a new one. Here are the new scents I’m wearing this fall

Fall Scemts

L’Occitane L’OCCITAN Eau De Toilette: I was shocked to find this new scent at the Duty Free store at Logan Airport, because while I’ve loved the Cade line as a shaving soap, it’s never been available as a cologne. Interesting, it doesn’t smell a ton like the other Cade products, but that’s not a criticism; I adore the smoky smell of actual cade, and while this cologne is a much more subdued version of the spectacular Norne by Slumberhouse, L’Occitane’s offering is quite nice. Perfectly appropriate for office wear, you’ll smell the top notes of bergamot mingle with cedar before it mellows into cade wood. It’s a subtle scent that will last a long time, but it’s also what I’d call a “close” fragrance. Even four sprays won’t overwhelm you or the people around you. At $55 for 3.4 ounces, Cade is a tremendous value, especially if you layer it with the other shaving products from L’Occitane’s line. I’m wearing this one almost every day this fall.
Lacoste Live Eau De Toilette Spray: Lacoste has yet to produce a cologne that I don’t like, but it hasn’t made one that I adore, either. Interestingly, the new Live is a mix of other Lacoste colognes, which is an approach I haven’t seen before. A green aquatic scent, it doesn’t get overly watery to me, and is better suited for summer to fall evening wear. I certainly smell the citrus, licorice and sandalwood, and prefer Live to most of the other athletically inspired Lacoste offerings. Depending where you find it, Live costs between $40-70.
Juniper Ridge Sierra Granite Backpacker cologne: How do I describe Juniper Ridge’s backpacker colognes? In a word, complex. Naturally sourced from from the mountains of California, this unisex fragrance is more like a roll in the woods than something produced in a factory – mostly because it isn’t. You’ll smell real ingredients like plants, conifers, bark, moss and mushrooms, and a small amount lasts forever. Extremely green and herbal, something you could wear camping. Really the anti-cologne, you’d pair Sierra Granite with jeans and a flannel, not a suit and a tie. It’s a beautiful creation (in a fun bottle) for $60/ounce.

Andy Tarnoff

Andy Tarnoff

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