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Edwin Jagger Deal On Amazon, Comments on SlickDeals!

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I just got this email and wanted to share it (thanks Rob!):

Hi Mantic,
You may be aware of this, but I wanted to alert you to some evidence of the popularity of wetshaving. If you’re not familiar with Slickdeals, it is a forum where people post deals they find online. The best ones go to the “Front Page” by way of moderators. This morning one of the front page deals is for an Edwin Jagger De89lbl on Amazon. Although the price of $23 is “slick”, what was most impressive was the response to the deal and the positiveness of the responses. I didn’t read them all (there’s over 200) but my Venn Diagram of wetshavers (who I imagine spending unnecessary amounts of money on grooming products) and slickdealers (who are by their nature thrifty) would have had much overlap before today. I figured I was a bit of an anomaly, supporting my wetshaving habit through Groupons to local stores with shaving products and other deals (such as the Art of Shaving deal Gilt City is currrently running), but this morning seemed to prove that wrong. Anyway, I thought you might find it interesting. Your videos were of course mentioned right away.
Love your stuff, your videos were amazingly helpful in getting me into wetshaving and I really like Sharpologist – great posts on interesting topics, that are concise and easy to read via email.

Here is the Amazon link: Edwin Jagger De89lbl Double Edge Safety Razor Chrome Plated Lined Detail, Chrome
And here is the SlickDeals discussion:
I have also added the Amazon link to the Deals! section.


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  1. Sweet! I was about to order one anyway so I pulled the trigger today. It’s already out of stock but they are still letting you order them. I did because I don’t need it right away.

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