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Diversion: New Years Resolutions? Here’s A 9 Point Guide To Sticking To Them

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Many people make resolutions this time of year. Perhaps you are one of them. For example, you may have vowed to start writing more or getting fit.

Failing To Plan

Your desire is admirable, but sticking to resolutions can be tough. Most people fail to meet their New Year’s resolution because they don’t have a plan.

To achieve your goal, it’s important to have a specific action plan that you’ve carefully considered. Also crucial for your success is writing down when, where, and how you plan to execute this plan to reach the finish line.  This guide will help you achieve your New Year’s resolutions with ease:

  1. Learn from past resolution failures. It’s a great opportunity to determine what went wrong and what you can do differently this time.
  2. Pick one goal at a time and take your time to focus on what’s most important.  Prioritize one goal to avoid feeling overwhelmed by many tasks.
  3. Set your intention on achieving your goals. You will be more successful if you are clear about what it is you want to achieve. Get specific about the behaviors and activities you will engage in to make your dreams a reality, like learning how to use a straight razor or committing to exercise daily. Include a step-by-step guide to reaching your goal, as well as a timeline for completion.
  4. Write down the steps toward the resolution and plan out how you’re going to get there.  Creating a plan is key to reaching your goals. Decide what day of the week is best for you to complete your goal, what time of day works best, and what tools you will need for success.
  5. Start small. If you want to read more books, start with one chapter at a time–you don’t have to start reading a novel right away. Keep track of how many pages and hours you read each day.
  6. Set realistic expectations and don’t expect too much too quickly. You might be tempted to make a resolution learn straight razor shaving in one month, but that is going to be over-ambitious.
  7. Publicize your resolution. Tell your goal to others close to you and ask them to keep you in check if they notice that you’re not sticking to the plan.
  8. Reward yourself. Rewards are an effective way to boost your morale. Reward yourself with a small gift when you complete a milestone in your goal.
  9. Write down how much you enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and gratitude for doing something good for yourself.

You Can Make It Happen

No matter how hard it may be to uphold your New Year’s resolution, you can make it happen.

With a plan in place and following these strategies, step by step, you’ll find that your New Year’s resolution isn’t so hard to stick with after all!


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