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Buying a TAG Heuer Watch? What you Need to Know

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tag heuer watch
When it comes to luxury watches, there tends to be different brackets of prices and for those looking for a smooth introduction into the world of high-end watches whereby they can get their hands on a phenomenal luxury timepiece within spending a king’s ransom, TAG Heuer invariably stands out like a beacon as they really do have some exemplary and, more importantly, affordable timepieces.
But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at why TAG Heuer are worthy of your time (pun semi-intended) and hard earned money. First and foremost, TAG Heuer have an excellent heritage within the watchmaking industry and were originally founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer who, by 1862, had a factory in St Imier and had patented his first chronograph timepiece. There are a lot of brand ambassadors who are only too happy to lend their name and image to TAG Heuer watches, with the likes of Leonard Di Caprio, Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt all previous and current advocates of the world-famous Swiss watchmakers. The brand’s most famous designer is Jack Heuer, who is the great grandson of the company’s founder Edouard, and Jack was responsible for the creation of the brand’s (perhaps) most famous series of timepieces, the Carrera. TAG Heuer are just synonymous with wristwatches, they are also heavily involved in the creation of timepieces mounted on dashboards of automobiles, planes and boats and there is a heavy motoring influence on many of the watches that they produce.

TAG Heuer are well know within the industry as one of the most innovative brands and have, in their time, produced some utterly exceptional luxury watches and it is little wonder that they are invariably the first brand that people think of when they are looking to purchase their first high-end timepiece. It goes without saying that any watch brand lives and dies by the quality of the collections that they produce and one of the main reason that you should be considering a TAG is the fact that they certainly don’t let anyone down with their collections – some of their best include:

TAG Heuer Carrera

tag heuer cerrera watch
The Carrera collection from TAG Heuer is definitely one of the brand’s most popularly and timelessly enduring and popular. This fantastically stylish series of timepieces is the brainchild of TAG Heuer icon and chief designer, Jack Heuer and they originally hit the market back in 1963. A superbly stylish series of watches which take their name from the epic Mexican Carrera Panamericana Race.

TAG Heuer Monaco

tag heuer monaco
TAG Heuer are somewhat synonymous with motor racing and none of their collection epitomises this affiliation better than that of the TAG Heuer Monaco series of watches. These eye-catching timepieces are definitely one of the bolder and more unusual offerings from the Swiss watchmakers and the watch was made famous when it was worn by Steve McQueen in the hit 1970’s film, Le Mans.

Limited Edition TAG Heuer

tag heuer le watch
Most luxury watch brands offer limited edition timepieces of some description or other but this is an arena in which TAG more than hold their own with stunning limited edition offerings like the TAG Heuer Carrera Space X watch above which was released to commemorate the fact that TAG Heuer were the first Swiss watch brand in space, when one of their timepieces was strapped to the wrist of astronaut John Glenn during his triple orbit of the earth aboard “Friendship 7” in 1962.

The affordability (or at least relative affordability when compared to their competitors) makes TAG Heuer the obvious choice for a first luxury watch purchase. The Swiss brand has something that will cater to every taste, whether it be sporty, luxurious or classic, and they are a watchmaker with the sort of heritage and tradition of designing and crafting timepieces in the right way that everyone can get on board with.
So, for those men in the market for their first luxury watch but are a little at a loss as to which brand to plump for, I think it’s fair to say that TAG Heuer are a pretty good candidate with their exceptional array of high-end watches, which are available at the lower end of what is an often very expensive marketplace.
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24 thoughts on “Buying a TAG Heuer Watch? What you Need to Know”

  1. There are a few writing skills that Mr. Parker should sharpen before he writes anymore articles. First, he needs to write so that he sounds like a native English speaker. For instance, early in the article he wrote, “…within spending a king’s ransom….” The correctly written phrase is, “…without spending a king’s ransom.”
    Second, Mr. Parker needs to reduce his reliance on run-on sentences. The article’s first paragraph contains a 60-plus word sentence. Several other bt

  2. Hi Leo,
    yep, you are correct in your assertion about TAG is one of the best entry level luxury brands on the market. The heritage and celebrity patronage is unparalleled and the design is something most would aspire to.
    Would you also agree with me that for someone without the spare cash to purchase a TAG, the next best entry level would be the Omega Seamaster 300 sported by none other than James Bond?
    Again, heritage and celebrity patronage, classic design with a slightly less painful price tag.
    Would be interesting to know what you think.

  3. What a load of rubbish the warranty on TAGs is
    2 years 2 months – no warranty
    $4000 watch – NO WARRANTY after 2 years
    What a load of garbage

    1. Tag Heuer has the worst aftersale customer service. Staff are arrogant. If you wish to have a nightmare, Tag Heuer try Tag Heuer. I am happy to get a total refund after strings of emails and complaints. They score an A+ for giving excuses.

  4. Anna Pitt-Stanley

    I bought a brand new US$3,500 Tag Heuer watch which stopped working 2 weeks after I bought it. I sent it to Switzerland head office to get fixed and it came back still not fit for purpose. It loses about 15 minutes a week. I was told by Tag UK to resend it back for fixing but if Switzerland can’t help, why would the UK centre be any better at fixing it. I’ll never purchase a Tag again. Pretty watch – pointless accessory!

    1. I bought a Tag Heuer automatic in April this year. After 8 months it stop working. Managed to get a replacement after strings of emails and complaints lodged with the local authorities. What surprise me is the replacement watch stop working after 1 week. I’m still demanding for a full refund. Tag Heuer quality is going down the flithy drain. No reply from Tag Heuer Switzerland after more than 10 complaints. So much for their after sales service. No more Tag Heuer.

  5. High-end watches are really fine jewellery. They may have finely crafted movements and look fantastic as a dress accessory but their mechanical movements cannot beat the accuracy of a quartz watch. The comparison should be made on the aesthetic attributes of the watch not their timekeeping quality if you’re looking at it from a craftsmanship perspective or as an investment. if you want an accurate timepiece look at the Grand Seiko or one of the watches that uses GPS for timekeeping.

  6. ha, from apple watches to daytonas w/ the classic zenith movement, I must boldly say that everyone who blasts the tag heuer name on this page is a complete fkn idiot! I’m evenposting my fb page for the sad sap to hit me up 🙂
    ps. I own both tag and rolex, and both are quality …maybe these clowns should go out and buy a hublot or an audimors piguet or maybe a patek …but then again these ones are prob out of their price league and lifestyle . . .

    1. Most people don’t really care about, or even ever learn about how the insides of a mechanical watch work. They just want something that looks nice and tells the time. Not one person I know who prides themselves on owning an expensive mechanical watch has ever been able to tell me how many gears are in their watch, and only two could tell me how many jewels are in the mechanism. So much for being proud of the quality mechanism. It’s all egotistical showing off of how much money they paid for their watch.

  7. i have read all about the TAG issue about how good they might or might not be. I want to purchase a watch for my sons 21st birthday and i only have a bubget of £750 .I am looking at the starting range of the formula 1 watch, i know its not a lot compared to some of the prices .
    Will i get value for my money and quality or is £750 not enough to get a good quality watch for a 21 year old lad .
    i dont need this untill march but i am getting myself worked up about it any help guys please.

    1. Hi Sephen,
      The older tag’s are great. Try watch shop or watch finder and buy a used refurbished option from one such as these.
      They are negotiable, honest and you will get a guarantee.
      Late 90’s and early 2000’s are best and if his wrist size is smallish they have readily available mid size versions.
      look at the 2000, 4000 and 6000 series where various examples will be available. Don’t buy a quartz version…… why pay that much for what is basically a swatch movement. Get the automatic, it has a good swiss movement and is made by TAG in house.
      I’ve got three bought between 1997 to 2000, a 4000 bi-metallic a formula one and an SEL. The most satisfying in style and use is the 4000, a great watch to look at and wear……..timeless style without the huge diver look of some!
      A good refurb like this will give you the quality and style you are loking for and allow a 21 year old to get used to owning and looking after a class watch, Oh! and it will last a lifetime!
      Regards, Martin.

  8. TAGs are crap. Pre-TAG Heuers were quite decent. Only guys in their 20s who know nothing about watches wear TAGs. Way overpriced. I see junk quartz TAGs selling for $thousands on eBay. Who’s buying this stuff?

  9. Where can you find a Rolex for “Slightly More” than a Tag Heuer Calibre 5. All the decent late model rolexes START at double the price point of the Calibre 5 by Tag

    1. I have to laugh at some of these comments, The zenith movement is without question one of the finest chronograph movements ever made. So much so that even today it is still widely used and highly regarded after what must be 40 years. Only reason Rolex stopped using it was to use their own inferior in house movement. Strange that zenith daytonas are more sought after than regular daytonas.aAnd for the record Tag now have their own movement, and I am not talking about the 1887.

  10. I still have (and wear) my TAG SEL that I received for college graduation – in 1993. After 20 years, I think I’ve changed the battery 4 or 5 times and that’s it. I probably get more comments on it than I do my Submariner.

  11. Worth noting that not all TAG watches are can’t miss. For many years they were (and in many circles still are) frowned upon by watch aficionados as over-hyped and well-marketed, with quality lagging behind. They do have a very distinctive history, but appeared to be resting on their laurels for a while, churning out a lot of junk quartz models and overcharging for “high end” watches with stock movements that weren’t made in-house. It does seem that they are beginning to innovate once again and are making a comeback, perhaps realizing that some of their marketing dollars would be better spent on technology and design. But do your homework before you buy. There are plenty of watch producers who have models that are well-made and properly valued while also selling models that the consumer would be best to avoid. Simply choosing a brand doesn’t guarantee that your money will be well spent.

    1. Can you be more specific on which TAG’s have a poor reputation? From my casual web surfing it seems like TAG (and Rolex) have pretty “bullet proof” reputations!

      1. I can’t speak for Dr K but almost all but the most high end of Tag Heuers collection are movements that are purchased from others like ETA and Dubois Depraz. Even their in house 1887 Movement was originally designed by Seiko. Tag slightly modified it and builds it in Switzerland. Far from being a value they are generally overpriced for a watch with a derivative movement. The three hand aquaracer with a ETA 2824 movement is $2900 spend a little more and you can have a Rolex with an in house movement and higher quality. Even some of their highly touted pieces like the tenth of a second chronograph use a Zenith calibre. While they do make a high quality, watch in many ways the best that can be said about the majority of their collection is that your friends will recognize the name.

        1. $2900 to $8550 is quite a difference in price if you’re going for the Submariner. The ETA movement is a tried and true movement that will keep good time and will be relatively inexpensive to repair. I find it funny that you’re knocking the Zenith movement that was featured in Rolex Daytonas for so many years.

        2. Why would you want the rolex when it doesnt look good because every brand has a watch exactly like it. The aquaracer is original comes in 43_46mm cases. Buying the 46 next month

    2. TAG must be shaking in their shoes. I spent $3650 for a TAG Calibre 5 and only three years later the crown broke. I have been waiting 12 weeks to have my watch back. Apple Watch has great quality and will have iPhone quality service. I bet it will take a maximum is 1-3 days to have one repaired. Swiss watch industry look out.

      1. Are you joking? I hope so. A proper mechanical watch is something you leave to your children and grandchildren, properly serviced, it will last several lifetimes; Apple’s electronic junk won’t last ten years. You simply cannot compare the two, unless all you want is something to tell the time with. People who like proper watches can tell the difference; if you can’t, buy your Apple watch and good luck to you.

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