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Target has stopped stocking Proraso products (take a look at your local store; they may have some good closeout deals on what’s left over!) and Palmolive has stopped making their lather shave cream (red tube).


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8 thoughts on “Bummer!”

  1. Hi All,

    I live in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

    There’s a little shop in the city where i buy my proraso products. So for people who have trouble getting proraso.

    Mail me at [email protected], maybe i can help you out.



  2. Robert– I am also a two week newbie. I have a tough time getting the jawline stubble with the first pass. I usually can’t get it smooth unless I do an across the grain on that line. Against the grain would also get it if you’re up for it.

  3. Wow! I’m very much a new comer to wet shaving, from using a mach 3 and a shaving gel. I’ve only been doing this about 2 weeks but so far I am very impressed with the results and (at least I like to think so) getting slightly better at it all the time.

    One question though, as a total newbie to this, how would I get the little stubble hairs on my jawline, everywhere else I can get very nicely but that area really gives me fits. I’m still using the mach 3, I haven’t yet made the jump to a single blade.

  4. Hello Mantic, in your “Loading An “Injector” Razor” video, you have some really groovy music playing for it…could you let me
    know what it’s called & who it’s by
    [email protected]



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