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Aside: The Micro Touch One Appears At US Megamart Stores

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My wife and I were shopping at “Wally World” last night when we came upon a display of the “Micro Touch One” DE razor.  This appears to be the same razor and blades I have previously written about.  However instead of a travel case it included a small chrome razor stand.  I assume it will be on sale only for the holiday season (but who knows?) and was listed at $19.88.


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8 thoughts on “Aside: The Micro Touch One Appears At US Megamart Stores”

  1. Well my followup isn’t good. After opening the package, the first thing I noticed was that the butterfly doors rattled just a little. Although none of my vintage Gillette’s do that, I chalked it up to me nitpicking.
    Trying not to let my OCD get the best of me, I moved on and popped in a blade. Although the blade gap is even on both sides of the razor, one side has a slightly larger gap than the other. When I attempted a shave with the new razor, it was very noticeable that once side was slightly more aggressive than the other.
    After my first and second shaves with this razor left me with more nicks than I cared for, I decided this razor was headed for early retirement.
    Overall, I’m not entirely disappointed I blew $20 on a useless razor. As seen on TV stuff is usually junk anyway. At least I can use the stand for another razor. Plus I actually got to try that “Pawn Stars guy’s” razor.
    The part that irritates me is that this “hand crafted” jewel from The People’s Republic of China, may actually turn newbies away from discovering the true beauty of traditional wetshaving.
    The sad? You can get an EJ DE89 from Amazon for just a few more dollars than the Micro Touch One and receive a superior shave.

  2. After reading this post, I decided to go out to Wally World after my trip to the barbershop this morning. I found a rather large cardboard display, near the shaving section, displaying the Micro Touch One.
    To my surprise, the display was nearly empty. So I decided to pick up one of the remaining few. And actually, 20 bucks is a pretty good deal for a razor, a stand, and 12 blades.
    We will see how it shaves in the coming days. Thanks for the post Mantic.

  3. Better than paying the overprice shipping (and for the extra Dorco blades) I suppose. Still seems to be a bit overpriced considering what you can get for that price. But better this than nothing for some, I suppose.

  4. I thought that was Rick from Pawn Stars at first glance.
    This makes sense since Wally World started selling Wilkerson DE blades a few years ago. I wish they sold Proraso there or some form of puck soap in case I ever ran out on the road, but this is a great start.

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