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Announcement: Roku & Boxee

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My wetshaving videos are now available for those of you with Roku or Boxee set-top on-demand video streaming boxes (distributed through!  I don’t know how my videos work/look with these services, but I’m game for any way to get the word on traditional shaving out into the world!  If you are a subscriber to one of these services, please leave a comment to this post on how to find my channel!


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5 thoughts on “Announcement: Roku & Boxee”

  1. The videos look great and sound better in theater mode. I'm glad everything worked out and you'll get the recognition (and hopefully some profit) that you deserve!

  2. On the Roku you need to add the channel if not already done. Open channel. Then scroll over and select the search option. Type in "Shave Tutor" I got as fare as "sh" and it came up on the right. Select shave tutor and then the episodes loaded will come up.

  3. Hi,

    I actually have problems reading your recent quicktime videos on your blog. My quicktime viewer always redirects me to a download page and I don't know which codec is required to view your videos.

    So, I've come up with a workaround which consists of accessing the version of those videos.

    It would be a great help to know the codec used or to have an optional link.

    I really like what you do.

    Best regards,


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