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9 Men’s Blogs I Read

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Sharpologist is all about shaving and grooming, but even I admit man does not live by shaving alone.  Just like shaving, sometimes you need a little help with those “life lessons” men need–relationships, skills, awareness, style, etc.  Here are 9 websites (in no particular order) I regularly look at for help and knowledge.

Art Of Manliness

If you haven’t heard of Art Of Manliness you must be very new to men’s sites on the internet.  Brett McKay and his wife, along with a small group of regular contributors (including Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style below), have created the proverbial 800 pound gorilla of men’s-oriented information.  The design of the site is formatted to recall a bygone era, with handlebar mustaches and lumberjack strength, but the actual subject matter is highly useful, relevant, and actionable to the modern man.  If I don’t have the time to browse a lot of internet sites this is the one I make time to keep an eye on.

Valet Magazine

Valet is an independently-published lifestyle website delivering daily news on style, grooming and culture tailored especially for the 21st-century gentleman.”  Valet is one of those websites that astonishes me with the amount of (good) content they can put out on a daily basis.  There’s something new every day on Valet–guides, videos, interviews–and their engagement with the readers is equally impressive with things like the Ask Valet section and specific shopping links.  I have to subscribe to their RSS feed to keep track of it all.

Real Men Real Style

Antonio Centeno’s Real Men Real Style is chock-full of useful “what” and “how” stuff.  Originally more clothing-oriented, Real Men Real Style has morphed into a sort of life guide for men.  The amount of information available is impressive: videos (well over 500 on his Youtube channel), infographics, ebooks, social media activity, and a podcast will be starting soon.  Antonio also has a list of men’s style blogs that puts this list to shame–over 400 websites are ranked!  Plus there are premium courses that go even deeper into content.  Antonio is also a regular contributor to Art Of Manliness.  Real Men Real Style is a site I follow closely.

Primer Magazine

Primer describes themselves as “A Guy’s Post-College Guide To Growing Up. Affordable style, how-to’s, & self-development for the everyday, 20-something man.”  And I think they largely live up to that claim.  The site is attractively designed and I think well-suited for their target audience.  Two things that I particularly like about Primer are the “drink of the week” (where they describe how to make a different cocktail every Friday) and “The Dispatch” (where other recent articles from other men’s blogs are linked–and is the inspiration for Sharpologist’s own Recent Discussions section).

The Distilled Man

The Distilled Man says “These days, a lot of guys grow up without many of the classic skills their fathers and grandfathers had. Like knowing how to cook a perfect steak. How to mix a cocktail. Or how to give a toast.  The Distilled Man is dedicated to giving guys a second chance to discover these lost ‘gentlemanly’ arts.”  The site was originally focused on alcohol-related topics (how to make various drinks) but expanded its subject matter, including some paid courses.  The Distilled Man is not updated as often as other sites on this list but the wait is usually worth it.

Gentleman’s Gazette

Gentleman’s Gazette says “Our philosophy is simple: dress well, live well.”  MUCH more formal and elegant than most other “men’s lifestyle” sites, you’re more likely to find an article about black-tie living than something about casual shirts.  I’ve met the site’s owner, Sven Raphael Schneider, and he “talks the talk and walks the walk” of his site’s approach.

The Art Of Charm

The Art of Charm takes a road less traveled in the men’s world, and is “devoted to helping you achieve your goals in relationships and business.” Although the website is a virtual front door to their paid courses on personal interaction that take place in Los Angeles (and online courses), their blog is also well designed and goes into both casual and business aspects of interpersonal communications, without being too “touchy-feely.”

Tailor And Barber

Tailor and Barber‘s goal “is to become the Internet’s premier resource for men’s style and grooming.  We want to be a resource that is helpful, educational and resourceful serving all men who want to improve their style and have questions or difficulties with their grooming regimen. ”  They’re relatively new but I think they are on their way to achieving that lofty goal.  They pretty much stick to grooming and clothing topics but once in a while they stray off into other interesting things.

Bourbon And Boots

Bourbon And Boots is an interesting “lifestyle” site with a really wide range of topics.  While the most popular posts are adult beverage-related, there’s really something for just about everyone here.

What do you think of my list?  Any other sites I should be looking at?  Leave a comment below!


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15 thoughts on “9 Men’s Blogs I Read”

  1. While I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a “men’s website,” I think most men would find much entertainment and enlightenment from ITS tactical. It’s all about manly skills like escaping illegal restraint, self-defense, land navigation and the like.

  2. Thank you. I read some of these too and will check them all out. I’ve been concerned about the systematic sissification of men and this sort of content brings focus to the fact that men have an obligation to society to be……men

  3. I like most of those sites as well.
    But the main point I’d like to make is – Posting anything to do with Men’s Style that that implies smoking has anything to do with style is naive and promotes a deadly habit this kills real men, even stylish ones, deader than door nails.

  4. Nice collection of male interest sites … I can only hope to grow my own property into something with half the clout as this fellas … fingers crossed!

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