A Father’s Day Gift


This Father’s Day maybe consider passing on the knowledge of the wet shave to your son. Learning how to shave from dear old dad was once a coming of age rite that has been lost or eclipsed by all the instantly accessible articles on Wikipedia, or YouTube tutorials that are a soulless keystroke away. The time is ripe to take back what was robbed from our culture when we stopped paying attention to the little, simpler things. I encourage you to make this coming Day of the Dad memorable and a chance to pass on something to the little man…

The Countdown Starts For The Great Shave 2012!

Water Taxi

It’s official!  The Great Shave 2012 will be in Chicago on October 24, 2012 at the Dank Haus German-American Cultural Center.  HERE is the official announcement page but I’ve taken the liberty to list the essentials below:

How To Shave Someone Else?


This morning my wife (an Occupational Therapist by trade) suggested an idea for a shaving video that I thought was really good: how to shave someone else.  Specifically, how to shave a family member who might be too old or disabled to shave themselves.  Sharpologist has had a similar post about this but it was more about the family connection.  This would be a video more about the “mechanics” of such a shave.

(Video) The Stahly Live Blade


This is the Stahly Live Blade razor.  There were several safety razors with vibrating heads over the years but the Stahly was probably the best-known.  It was produced from the 1940’s into the 1970’s and had a reputation as a very well-designed and well-built razor.  Some called it the Cadillac of safety razors.  

How Safe Is Your Face… Part 4

Barberpole shot1

[Note from Mantic59: Continuing the discussion of barber shaves (started from this post), I've asked Craig The Barber for his opinions.] What should a customer expect?   When a customer requests a shave from me, my goal is to always deliver a close and comfortable shave that’s free of irritation, and high on comfort. The way this is accomplished is by focusing my attention on keeping the face as moist as possible from the beginning of the shave to the end. I do this by using anywhere from 4-7 hot towels throughout the entire service. Typically I start by cleansing…