How To Shave Someone Else?

Taking Care

This morning my wife (an Occupational Therapist by trade) suggested an idea for a shaving video that I thought was really good: how to shave someone else.  Specifically, how to shave a family member who might be too old or disabled to shave themselves.  Sharpologist has had a similar post about this but it was more about the family connection.  This would be a video more about the “mechanics” of such a shave.

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Taking Benjamin Franklin's Advice: Shaving With Cold Water

Cold Water Shaving

I know what you’re thinking. Shave with cold water? WTF? Yes, cold water. It sounds extremely uncomfortable, but it isn’t. This particular method of shaving dates back to the Victorian Era, when getting hot water was a chore. Benjamin Franklin once wrote that: “The act of shaving with cold water is much easier; it allows the whiskers to be stiff; the razor to slice the hair; and obtaining hot water much less of a bother.” [Read more…]

The Distilled-Water Shave

Water, Water Everywhere…?

Actually, a better name would be “The limited-water shave”: how to shave when you have only a small amount of heated water—as when camping, for example. But the most common use of this shaving technique is for shaving when the tap water is insufferably hard and thus cannot produce good lather from a soap because the minerals in the water immediately bond to the dissolved soap, forming a sticky scum that clings to bathtub, shower walls, sink, and your skin.

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