How Did Gentlemen Shave In the 19th Century?

How Did Victorian Gentlemen Groom Themselves?

‘Copperfield, you are a true friend; but when the worst comes to the worst, no man is without a friend who is possessed of shaving materials.’

[Note from Mantic59: a few months ago I happened upon The Victorianist, an interesting blog dedicated to the Victorian age.  That got me wondering, how did gentlemen groom (and especially shave) during those times?  I asked Daniel, the blog’s author, if he wouldn’t mind discussing Victorian grooming for Sharpologist.]

I can’t speak for other countries, but here in England the fashion and styles of the 1980’s are – well, in fashion and style once again. Big hair, shoulder pads and men in make-up stalk the streets wearing clothes that, had they not cost so much, could be mistaken for having been handed down to the country’s youth from their elder, and now wiser, siblings. [Read more…]