What Is The Best Shaving Cream?


What is the best shaving cream?  There is a lot of it out there–the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And shaving cream can be pretty important: it can make using a blade a pleasant, fragrant diversion or a painful, bloody chore.

Geo F. Trumper – Coconut shaving cream

GFT - Coconut

Geo F. Trumper’s Coconut shaving cream seemed to perform better than I recall previous Trumpers creams I’ve tried did. I’d previously had performance ranging from so-so to, in the case of the violet, downright bad. The coconut was a bump up the rank, to about a “fairly good”. It still didn’t outstanding lubrication or thickness / cushion, but it did the trick, providing a decent middle ground on both. And it was a bit better than average for moisturizing as well. The lather stability wasn’t the greatest, but if you’re a reasonably quick shaver I don’t think it’ll be too…

A Few Rapid-Fire Reviews


One of the cooler parts of working with our host, Mantic59, is that I get shaving advice from the Shave Tutor, himself. But the coolest part is that, occasionally, Mark sends me a goodie box of stuff that he presumably can’t get around to trying himself (hey, I’ve seen photos of his shave den – let’s just say Mark is well stocked for the Shavepocalypse.) So, even though I now have enough product to last me well into the next decade, I made time to work my way through this latest haul. Here are a few quick-hitter reviews of the soaps,…

Eucris Or Eunuch?

Trumper's Eucris Shaving Soap

Trumper’s Eucris shaving soap was hotly anticipated when it was announced a year or so ago.  Trumper’s first addition to it’s shaving soap line in years, it was expected to match the quality and performance of their other fine shaving soaps.  But when it reached the hands of consumers who compared it with other high-end shaving soaps…it fell flat.  Unlike previous Trumper’s shaving soaps, Eucris was glycerin-based rather than tallow-based.  That isn’t necessarily a bad thing–there are many fine glycerin shaving soaps–but many people (myself included) just could not get a decent lather going and those that could got a…

Shave Like A Prince On A Pauper’s Budget!

Go Ahead, Try A Sample!

Novice traditional shaving enthusiasts often want to explore their new “surroundings,” but do so inexpensively. And many also want to experience that life-altering, zen-inducing, height-of-sophistication shave.  The two ideas may seem like polar opposites but in fact it can be done!  The key lies in samples.   For example, high-end shaving companies like eShave, Truefitt and Hill and Trumpers offer sample kits to give you a taste of what they offer for a very reasonable price (and remember, in the case of Truefitt and Hill, a Sharpologist advertiser, you can take 15% off a web order just by using the coupon code manticsblog…