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Ever since I started making shaving videos, people have asked me what my favorite shaving products are.  I’ve always resisted answering because I didn’t want to make it sound like I was making a blanket recommendation.  But after all this time, my “short rotation” has been pretty stable for my circumstances (i.e. when I’m not testing something!) so maybe it’s time for me to discuss my favorite shave products.

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Reflections On The "Great Shave 2012"

Merz's Great Shave Goodie Bag

I thought I would post my thoughts on Merz Apothecary’s second annual “Great Shave” in Chicago last week. Unfortunately I was too busy to take pictures or video while there, but plenty of other people did: Merz hired a photographer and videographer and I saw a bunch of other people taking snapshots so I imagine images and posts will be popping up in the shave-o-sphere over the next week or so.  Hopfully I can link a few here on Sharpologist. [Read more…]

A Luxury Shoe Horn

Truefitt & Hill's Shoe Horn

Truefitt and Hill (NA) is mainly known for their shaving products but they have other grooming products as well.  One of their more unusual products is a long-handled shoe horn.  Made for T&H by an artisan in Chicago, it is made up of a long-tongue shoe insert, a heavy-duty spring, and a ten inch (I soooo wanted to say “foot”-long, nyuk nyuk) hardwood handle with an eyelet screw at the top of the handle for hanging.  The story behind the artisan who makes them is interesting (and thanks to Truefitt & Hill CEO Todd Fisher for passing the story on to me): [Read more…]

Sharpologist's Shaving Brush Buyer's Guide Updated! Over 430 Shaving Brushes Listed

I have updated my “Shaving Brush Buyer’s Guide.”  Several new vendors have been added to the list of shaving brushes currently on the market (notably Thater and eShave) and some other corrections have been made.  I have created a separate page for the buyer’s guide with helpful video, text and links.  Still, understand that while periodic updated will continue to be made, this list is not exhaustive and probably never can be: I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with every brush and manufacturer out there.  Here is the list in “CSV” format for importing into your favorite spreadsheet or database program:

Shaving Brush List

And HERE is the list in PDF form.



Shaving Brushes!

Would Admiral Lord Nelson Enjoy This Shave? Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar

The Battle Of Trafalgar

The battle of Trafalgar was the most decisive British naval victory of the War of the Third Coalition.  It was a sea battle fought between the British Royal Navy and the combined fleets of the French Navy and Spanish Navy: 27 British ships of the line led by Admiral Lord Nelson aboard HMS Victory defeated 33 French and Spanish ships of the line off the south-west coast of Spain, just west of Cape Trafalgar.  Truefitt and Hill celebrates the victory with it’s Trafalgar line of products.  This is my review of the shaving cream.

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