Reflections On The "Great Shave 2012"

Merz's Great Shave Goodie Bag

I thought I would post my thoughts on Merz Apothecary’s second annual “Great Shave” in Chicago last week. Unfortunately I was too busy to take pictures or video while there, but plenty of other people did: Merz hired a photographer and videographer and I saw a bunch of other … [Read more...]

Holiday Review: What Did You Get?

What did you get for the Holidays?

The big gift-giving season has now passed so now may be a good time to review and discuss your shaving-related presents!  You may have received items you are unfamiliar with from well-meaning family and friends so here is your opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences … [Read more...]

Shavapalooza: Chicago's "The Great Shave"


"Surreal."  The World English Dictionary at defines it as "having the quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic."  That's the only word I can come up with to describe my recent trips to Chicago and Milwaukee to give presentations on traditional wet shaving.  The two … [Read more...]