Reflections On The "Great Shave 2012"

Merz's Great Shave Goodie Bag

I thought I would post my thoughts on Merz Apothecary’s second annual “Great Shave” in Chicago last week. Unfortunately I was too busy to take pictures or video while there, but plenty of other people did: Merz hired a photographer and videographer and I saw a bunch of other … [Read more...]

Shavapalooza, Milwaukee: What Your Father Didn't Teach You About Shaving

Stag Barbershop, Milwaukee

After presenting at Merz's The Great Shave in Chicago, the second stop of my speaking  tour was the Stag barbershop in Milwaukee.  A couple months ago the owner, Jess, had seen a twitter comment from me about the planning for the Chicago trip and that I may try to make it up to … [Read more...]