Interesting Shaving Links This Week


I would like to publicize some really good shaving-related links I’ve seen very recently:

How To Store Your Straight Razor (Why I Wet Shave)

What Is Triple Milled Soap And Is It Better? (Soaper|shaver)

The Big Three (razor) Design Factors (Shave Like Grandad)

6 Products In Your Bathroom You Won’t Believe Don’t Work (Cracked) (Yes, Cracked.  It’s actually a pretty good article.)

6 “Good Deal” Shaving Lathers


Having previous discussed “good deal” razors and shaving brushes let’s have a discussion of low-cost shaving lathers.  Like the previous “good deal” articles this one is jointly written, this time by Mark (Mantic59) and shave cream/soap reviewer extrodinaire Greg (Palpz).  Here are six products that produce good results for less money.  They’re not the only ones of course but they are reasonably widely available.  If you know of others be sure to leave a comment!

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Steampunk Shaving Cream by Tabula Rasa


Steampunk is a special edition shaving cream that was created for The Shave Nook shaving forum by Tabula Rasa in  Germany.  If you’re not familiar with the steampunk genre, think of it as a “retro-futuristic” science fiction or fantasy alternate reality based in the Victorian era (though sometimes it takes place in the American West) where steam-power is still in use.  HERE is the Wikipedia entry if you want to delve deeper.

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