Mantic59’s Favorite Shaving Products

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Ever since I started making shaving videos, people have asked me what my favorite shaving products are.  I've always resisted answering because I didn't want to make it sound like I was making a blanket recommendation.  But after all this time, my "short rotation" has been pretty … [Read more...]

Sharpologist's Shaving Brush Buyer's Guide Updated! Over 430 Shaving Brushes Listed

Shaving Brushes!

I have updated my "Shaving Brush Buyer's Guide."  Several new vendors have been added to the list of shaving brushes currently on the market (notably Thater and eShave) and some other corrections have been made.  I have created a separate page for the buyer's guide with helpful … [Read more...]

350 Shaving Brushes Compared: A Buyer's Guide

A Guide

As promised, I have consolidated the shaving brush lists and commentary I have posted over the past few weeks (Semogue, Savile Row, Shavemac, Rooney, Truefitt & Hill, Simpsons, Vulfix) into one master list!  I have even added a few additional manufacturers.  Admittedly this … [Read more...]