Morning Wood From Shaving Yeti

shaving yeti morning wood

As a long-time reader of Sharpologist, I jumped at the chance to join in on the review fun.  In the course of things, I received a sample that was one of the most unique bits of shave soap that I’ve ever run across from the crew over at Shaving Yeti.  You know you’re in for something a bit unique when it’s coming from a brand of that name, that’s for sure.  And when that brand names their soap “Morning Wood”?  Well, you know they’re looking to inject some humor into your morning shave routine.

A Columbian Necktie You Want

columbian necktie lather

When I received my sample from Shaving Yeti of  their Columbian Necktie Shave Soap I was excited to try it out. It just had to wait a couple weeks due to work and spring break with my girls. I loved the rich citrus scent it  reminds of the lemon and lime meringue pies my mom would make on occasion growing up. You could smell the lemons and limes for hours and  you didn’t want till after dinner to have. Now I digress; lets talk about this wonderfully scented soap with it’s sweet citrusy yet still masculine scent that would be a great addition to your shave rotation.

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Prairie Creations: Douceur de Cando – 'Lick me all over' scented

While their products had come rather highly recommended, I had held off on placing an order with Prairie Creations for quite some time, largely due to the fact that they don’t allow for orders outside of the US to be placed through their main website, requiring you to place it by e-mail instead. But, when I decided to do so, the proprietor Krissy was extremely helpful, and quick to respond.

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