Van Der Hagen At Target (US)?

Van Der Hagen's "Luxury" Shave Set

I’ve seen rumblings on the shave forums that the Van Der Hagen “Luxury” shave products, previously only available on Amazon, have been sighted at some Target stores in the US.  Others have not seen it (there are two stores in my area and they’re certainly not there!).  I contacted Van Der Hagen and Marty Van Der Hagen himself said:

“We are currently in 523 of the larger Target stores. We are hoping to expand beyond that number throughout the year – depending on sales of course! Walgreens has also informed us that they plan on placing the line in ~700 of their “urban stores” this summer….  [W]e just shipped product to the Duane Reade Drug chain which has approx. 200 stores (also owned by Walgreens).”

So there you have it.  There are about 1700 Target stores so VDH is in about one-third of them.  I have to wonder whether there is some buyer at Target who is a traditional wet shaver: back in 2006-2007 Target carried Proraso products for a time.

Have you spotted the new Van Der Hagen products locally?  Leave a comment!

ADDENDUM: there is a little confusion about the brush that’s available.  The Luxury “kit” contains a boar brush (albeit a decent one from the reports) but Target is also selling the VDH Luxury badger brush as well, separately.

Advice: Shaving Mug Lathering

Matt writes:

I have a question about mug lathering. I recently got my first shaving mug. I am able to get a good lather, but when I put the lather on my face I don’t get as good coverage as I do when I face lather. When lathering, I use the brush to bring down the lather that has risen to the top of the mug walls. I try to get the lather in the middle of the brush, but I’m just not getting enough of the lather on my face. Usually when I face lather, the lather stays towards the tips of the brush and I am able to get all the lather on my face. When I bowl lather, the lather gets on the sides of the brush too and I am unable to get the lather on the sides of the brush on my face. I want to figure this out. Your help is greatly appreciated.

It’s hard to tell from the description what the problem with mug lathering might be. There are a lot of variables (type of brush, hard/soft water, how long you’re lathering, etc.) but my best guess is you might need to load the brush a bit more than you’re doing now. You also might try “the upside down lathering trick” –

Matt replies:

I’ve never heard of loading the brush upside down before. I just watched the video. It makes sense that I would get more doing it upside down. I just tried it, and I was able to get more lather from it! Also, I’ve seen on your videos plus other people that after you massage the lather into your face, you do a kind of paintbrush motion to get more from it. I had never tried that before, so I did just now, and that worked really well too! Those two things together made it go a lot better.