What Is The Best Shaving Soap?

shaving soap

It seems like the old-school shaving world has been buried in soaps lately. It used to be easy to tell which were the great ones and which ones left something to be desired.  But now that they are everywhere how can you tell good from bad?  Let’s take a look at what goes into a good shaving soap and see which ones come out ahead of the others.

West Coast Shaving Announces Shaving Value Guide


West Coast Shaving today launches it’s Shaving Value Guide.  Buying and selling shaving products is common for those trying to find their “perfect” shave.  The West Coast Shaving Value Guide was developed to fill the need for credible values for used products.  Sharpologist is pleased to be the first site to announce this new resource.

Shaving In A Short Time?


Eric writes: “I have a bit of a ‘shaving dilemma’ and wanted to ask Mantic for some advice. I have about 20 minutes to shave in the mornings and I usually shave 3 times a week (Mon/Wed/Fri). I find that I have time for a few minutes of hot water splashed on the face, a 2- pass shave and post shave cool water/aftershave balm. “I have been using a Merkur safety razor for my shaves but find that it’s not particularly close, especially on the neck area, I actually switched to a Gillette Fusion a few weeks ago and get…

Aside: Today’s West Coast Shaving’s Deal Of The Day

dr harris lavender beechwood bowl

West Coast Shaving’s “Deal of the Day” for today is for DR Harris Lavender Shaving Soap.  In my opinion DR Harris’ tallow-based shaving soaps are excellent: one of the few “big name” shaving soaps that haven’t been reformulated into inferior products.  And that this deal is for the soap in a bowl instead of just a refill puck is a bonus.  At $22.99 (from $27.50) it’s is a great deal for this shaving soap. LINK  

Jack Black Supreme Shave Cream – Macadamia Nut Oil, Soy

jack black shave cream

Recently, I was visiting our local beauty supply place to get my wife a hairbrush (oh, the things I do). I know they carry Art of Shaving, Jack Black’s and a few other shaving brands, so I asked if they had any shaving samples, and sure enough, they gave me a plethora of samples of Jack Black’s shaving products. On to the shave!