Are Horse Hair Shaving Brushes For You? Don't Say "Neigh" Just Yet!

Horse Hair

Sharpologist has recently discussed synthetic hair shaving brushes (summary here).  Let’s now look at horse hair shaving brushes.  Horse hair brushes are coming back after a hiatus of nearly 100 years, following an anthrax scare around World War I.  Though still relatively difficult to find compared with other types of shaving brushes, horse hair shaving brushes offer some unique properties.  [Read more…]

The New Synthetic Hair Shave Brushes (Part 2)

Artificial Badger?

[Note from mantic59:] This is the second in a series of six posts about a new generation of synthetic hair shaving brushes that have started to appear on the market.  The first post is HERE.  In this post GDCarrington shares his comments about four synthetic brushes:

1.  What synthetic brushes did you test for this project?

I tested four synthetic brushes over a sufficient period of time to constitute a solid testing regimen and they are as follows:

  • Franks Synthetic Brush
  • H.I.S. Shaving Brush
  • Muhle 33 K 257
  • Muhle 35 K 252 [Read more…]

Sharpologist's Shaving Brush Buyer's Guide Updated! Over 430 Shaving Brushes Listed

I have updated my “Shaving Brush Buyer’s Guide.”  Several new vendors have been added to the list of shaving brushes currently on the market (notably Thater and eShave) and some other corrections have been made.  I have created a separate page for the buyer’s guide with helpful video, text and links.  Still, understand that while periodic updated will continue to be made, this list is not exhaustive and probably never can be: I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with every brush and manufacturer out there.  Here is the list in “CSV” format for importing into your favorite spreadsheet or database program:

Shaving Brush List

And HERE is the list in PDF form.



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