Sharpologist's First Six Months

Taking A Closer Look

Sharpologist launched on Oct. 10, 2011.  Lets reflect on its first six months.

In terms of page views there’s been steady growth: the site is getting about double the number of page views as it did at launch (by the way, it’s running at least four times the rate of the old blog.  The last few weeks of the old blog are shown on the left side of the graph).

First Six Month Page Views

What have been the most popular posts so far?

Who reads Sharpologist?  U.S. viewers are predominant by far but there are a fair number of readers in the UK, Canada and Germany too.  About 15% are on mobile devices (iPad and iPhone account for over 70% of the devices!  By the way we recently “tweaked” the site to be more friendly to mobile devices; hope it works better for you folks).

What’s next?  Sharpologist is still in the process of find its “voice” so questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.  And remember that Sharpologist is 100% advertising-supported so all the resources it provides can be free to readers.  Take a moment to visit our advertisers if you’re looking for something.  And if you want to reach men who care about looking good, let us know and we’ll put together a customized package for you!