A “Different” Shave Experience?

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A reader writes: “I have a Merkur 34C heavy duty that I really like. Having ordered a Feather AS-D2 and being left disappointed in its performance compared to the Merkur, I’m wondering if you can give me some advice on what to buy to complement the Merkur. I tried the Feather for about two weeks with different blades and was pretty careful about the distinct blade angle.  If it’s helpful, I typically use Feather platinum or the Israeli Personna blades in my Merkur. I tried those in the Feather, too, but did not get the same shave.”

The New Crop Of Open Comb Razors

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Open comb razors seem to be enjoying a modest little resurgence recently, with several new models coming onto the market.  Here is a little background on open comb razors and a look at some new models.

What Are The Best Selling Traditional Shaving Products?


What are the best selling, most popular ‘old school’ shaving products?  I’ve been wondering that for a while now.  I mean, a lot of people “in the know” recommend certain products over other products, but are they really getting purchased?  I decided to try to find out.

Mild? or Comfortable?; Aggressive? or Efficient?


Bernard66 on ShaveMyPlace.com some years back pointed out that using N-S for the first past, E-W (or W-E) for the second, and S-N for the final pass was misleading and inappropriate. While some few may have monodirectional beards, most men must contend with contrary patches and areas where the grain slants to some number of degrees—often, on the neck, a “slant” of 180º, so the grain is upward—or even grows in a whorl. (Your only hope for shaving whorls well is excellent prep, a brand of blade that’s very good for you, and—ideally—a slant-bar razor.)

$having For Life: A Financial Face Off Between Razors

Shaving Cost Per Year

Gentlemen, it’s time we did the math once and for all. Based on a Razorpedia.com survey, more than 50% of the 186 respondents said they were dissatisfied with the price of their razor and razor blades. Since shaving costs are one of the most commonly cited reasons for switching from cartridge shaving to DE or straight razor shaving, we’ve decided to set the record straight and do the math ourselves. We’ll take you through each type of wet shaving methodology and estimate the lifetime shaving cost of an average male. Keep in mind that individual results will vary. First, we…