The Muhle TWIST: You Saw It Here First

muhle twist apart

Today Muhle launches their “TWIST” two piece (vs. three piece) double edge razor line, and Sharpologist is pleased to give you the very first “public” look.  A very small group of wet shaving enthusiasts, including myself, have been given an opportunity to try the “R89″ version of the TWIST before formal launch.  Here are some initial impressions:


bevel kit

Bevel is a new brand of shaving products, including their own DE razor, that is specifically targeted to men of color but is useful for any shaver.  They sent me a sample set to try.

West Coast Shaving Announces Shaving Value Guide


West Coast Shaving today launches it’s Shaving Value Guide.  Buying and selling shaving products is common for those trying to find their “perfect” shave.  The West Coast Shaving Value Guide was developed to fill the need for credible values for used products.  Sharpologist is pleased to be the first site to announce this new resource.

Hyperglide: Is King Of Shave’s Razor A Game-Changer?

hyperglide front back

King Of Shaves recently announced Hyperglide, a new razor that does not require shaving cream, gel, foam, or soap.  There’s no classic lubrication “strip”–the the entire face of the cartridge is coated with a lubricant that is activated by water.  It just came out in the UK and will shortly be available in the US at select Target stores and  I was lucky enough to get one of the first units available in the US and I have been using it for a while now.

30 Days To A More Enjoyable Shave – Razor Technique


This is week three of Sharpologist’s 30 Day Challenge To A More Enjoyable Shave.  Having previously reviewed preparation and lather-building, this week is where “the rubber meets the road” in shaving, with razor technique.