5 Ways to Combat an Oily Face

oil pump

There’s nothing worse than having an oily face and no, I’m not talking about a telltale manly forehead smudge after you’ve spent an hour under your ‘68 Corvette…  I’m talking about the stuff that your skin naturally produces, largely to protect itself from the elements.  But sometimes our skin doesn’t adapt well, and can produce far more oil than is helpful, which is a darn quick way to have some nasty acne issues.  Here are 5 methods to combat this complexion conundrum so that you can ensure the only visible oil on your face comes from under that gorgeous V8 engine in your Corvette.

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5 Skin Myths Exposed

Dr. Rebecca Baxt is a board certified Manhattan and New Jersey dermatologist who empathizes with her patients who feel they are doing everything ‘right’ and still are unsatisfied with the appearance of their skin. What’s more, she often sees patients who feel they are doomed to bad skin based on myths that “you get the genes your parents have.” Here are the top 5 skin care myth’s she sees, and the truth behind them: [Read more…]

Neutrogena Face Scrub And Lotion


Neutrogena’s  “Razor Defense” line, especially their “Daily Scrub,” has been a favorite “drug store” brand of mine for a long time.  So when they changed the line-up a bit I was a little concerned.  I’ve used the updated Face Scrub and the new Face Lotion enough to form some impressions.

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Bee Bald

bee baldBee Bald recently sent us some samples of their products, oriented for head (and face) shaving and care.  They said their products “are packed with effective, high-quality ingredients including Honey and Bee Pollen, proven to have superior hydrating, antioxidant and antiseptic properties.”  That piqued our interest so we gave a set to Jeff Sherman (one of Sharpologist’s resident baldies) for his dome and a set to Mark (mantic59) who used them on his face.  Here are their comments:

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Turn Back the Clock with ZIRH Platinum

zirhDo you remember the first time you looked at in the mirror and realized you weren’t a kid anymore?

I don’t, although at age 39, it’s been sneaking up on me for a few years now. The creases in my forehead don’t go away when I stop squinting. The lines around my eyes – particularly the right one, that’s the side on which I sleep – show more mileage these days.

And I don’t like it.

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