What Ingredients Does Your Skin Really Need?


There are hundreds of grooming products on the market that work on getting ALL of your attention by promising the world in a bottle… Hey trust me, I get just as confused as the next guy! And since your emails tell me that you share the same feeling, I thought I would help you comb through the landscape a bit easier. Here are 3 key ingredients to focus on when it comes to refilling and re-tooling your grooming kits. Peptides – are found in all of your cells and are made up of two or more amino acids attached together with peptide bonds. They’re similar to proteins, but smaller. Products that include peptides…

Moisturizers – How they work, and why they’re different!

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By Dr. Josh Zeichner For Men’s Life Today Knowing how moisturizers work can help you select the best one for your individual skin needs. In general, moisturizers are products that improve the function of the skin barrier. They usually contain ingredients that help increase the amount of water in the skin. Here are three categories that moisturizing ingredients may fall into: Emollients: molecules that hydrate the skin. Examples include oils or lipids, such as petrolatum or dimethicone.  (Products like: Eucerin, Intensive Moisture Balance by Dermalogica and Cetaphil) Humectants: molecules that attract water to the skin surface from deep in the skin and from the environment and that may also hydrate the skin….

Neck Hair.

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It’s truly amazing the things that trigger inspiration for my blog…how about this one: neck hair! I was on my way to an event in NYC when I looked over at the cab driver and saw his neck hair was long enough to consider his hairstyle a mullet. *pause* Yep, that long. Now, I completely understand that neck hair can get long in-between haircuts, but allowing it to grow to the point where it’s fighting your neck for space in your shirt is UNACCEPTABLE. Quick remedy, consider a tapered neckline. With this option, the back hairline will grow out in a manner that keeps the style looking…

Cold Water.

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Ever taken a cold shower and noticed the difference in the way your skin feels vs. when you take a warm one?  What about after you shave…does your face feel better after a splash of cold water? Or, have you ever hopped out of  a warm shower and struggled to get your hairstyle just right? Well, here is the secret.  Cold Water. From the top of our heads, to the bottom of our feet,  our body is alive. GOOD FOR HAIR: When you are finished shampooing and conditioning your hair, give it a final rinse with cold water.  Why? Well, it closes the cuticles that are…

How do I choose the right exfoliant?

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Daily or weekly regimen… large or fine grains?! Well, if you were confused before, below you’ll find some help in deciphering the exfoliation code! Here’s the low down… Exfoliating will always create cleaner, smoother and healthier looking skin. So the  more frequent the practice, the more you are able to help the skin’s rejuvenating process. However, since a wet-shave is also considered an exfoliation, you’ll want to be mindful of not over-doing it. Special Considerations Everyone’s skin is different, so one important thing to be aware of is how your face tends to accumulate debris. For example, some men have oily skin which is prone to clogging; whereas, others have dry…