Traditional Shaving Company Badger Brush

TSC Brush

Traditional Shaving Company’s 100 series badger brush is a solid, middle-of-the-road brush that is another “no drama” product for me: a solid performer that uses good quality parts.  I admit that I can be kind of rough on brushes but this brush has been holding up quite nicely. It’s dropped maybe one or two hairs, pleasantly stiff without being too “scritchy,” and I haven’t had to deal with a funky smell.

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5 Shaving Soaps That Shaving Cream Guys Should Try

Leisureguy recently wrote a post titled “5 Shaving Creams That Shaving Soap Guys Should Try.”  I thought I would turn that around and suggest 5 shaving soaps that shaving cream aficionados should try.  I based these suggestions on how easy they are to lather (even in hard water), performance, and I tried to cross scent and price ranges so there’s something for everyone.  These aren’t the only choices of course but they should give you great results.

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