Battle Of The British Summer Cologne Scents

summer british colognes

I’ve never been to England, so I guess I can’t tell you for sure what a proper British gentleman smells like. But when I’m cruising around town in my ’75 MGB, top down with the breeze in my hair, I can imagine the smell of refined elegance and royalty.

Aside: Today’s West Coast Shaving’s Deal Of The Day

dr harris lavender beechwood bowl

West Coast Shaving’s “Deal of the Day” for today is for DR Harris Lavender Shaving Soap.  In my opinion DR Harris’ tallow-based shaving soaps are excellent: one of the few “big name” shaving soaps that haven’t been reformulated into inferior products.  And that this deal is for the soap in a bowl instead of just a refill puck is a bonus.  At $22.99 (from $27.50) it’s is a great deal for this shaving soap. LINK  

5 Shaving Soaps That Shaving Cream Guys Should Try


Leisureguy recently wrote a post titled “5 Shaving Creams That Shaving Soap Guys Should Try.”  I thought I would turn that around and suggest 5 shaving soaps that shaving cream aficionados should try.  I based these suggestions on how easy they are to lather (even in hard water), performance, and I tried to cross scent and price ranges so there’s something for everyone.  These aren’t the only choices of course but they should give you great results.

A Few Rapid-Fire Reviews


One of the cooler parts of working with our host, Mantic59, is that I get shaving advice from the Shave Tutor, himself. But the coolest part is that, occasionally, Mark sends me a goodie box of stuff that he presumably can’t get around to trying himself (hey, I’ve seen photos of his shave den – let’s just say Mark is well stocked for the Shavepocalypse.) So, even though I now have enough product to last me well into the next decade, I made time to work my way through this latest haul. Here are a few quick-hitter reviews of the soaps,…

A Shave Henry Bennet Would Be Proud Of: DR Harris Arlington Review

Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington

DR Harris Arlington is one of my favorite shave soaps.  I’ve tried the shave cream too, but there’s something about the soap that trips all my triggers. Scent DR Harris’ website calls the scent “a light citrus and fern aroma.”  Basenotes comments get a bit more detailed, with a general agreement of lemon and fern.  Some say there’s a bit of a “creamy” or “musk-like” finish.  I get a very balanced citrus/fern scent to my (admittedly poor) sense of smell.  The shaving soap has a stronger scent than the shaving cream in my opinion. Lather Oh lord…does Arlington shave soap…