What’s Up With Slant-Bar Razors?

slant bar razors
A Tilt of Slants
L to R: Stealth, Merkur 37G, Above the Tie head on UFO handle, iKon stainless slant, Shavecraft #102 on iKon Bulldog handle

A slant-bar razor (“slant” for short) is a double-edged (DE) safety razor whose blade is mounted to strike the stubble at a slant, since a slanted blade cuts more easily than a straight-on chop—thus the slanted blade of the guillotine and of many mandolines, such as the Swissmar Borner V-Slicer. The slant razor, patented on 6 February 1915 by Thomas Wild (thus approaching its centennial), brought a slanted blade to shaving. [Patent date and holder corrected, thanks to comment below. – LG]

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8 “Good Deal” Razors Under $20

3 razors

Michael (Leisureguy) recently emailed Mark (Mantic59) with a proposal for a Sharpologist article on the best DE razors for a novice who wants a good razor but also wants to minimize the initial expense until he knows for sure that DE shaving is going to work for him. Mark was already planning such an article himself, so we agreed to combine our efforts.  Although some excellent razors—razors that are both highly efficient and very comfortable—are available in the $70-$80 price range, we presume that most novices would prefer to get started at a lower price, so in this article we shall list only razors that sell for less than $20.

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Aside: The Micro Touch One Appears At US Megamart Stores

big box micro touch 1

My wife and I were shopping at “Wally World” last night when we came upon a display of the “Micro Touch One” DE razor.  This appears to be the same razor and blades I have previously written about.  However instead of a travel case it included a small chrome razor stand.  I assume it will be on sale only for the holiday season (but who knows?) and was listed at $19.88.

Razolution: A Double, Double-Edge Razor?

razolution razor

Marty Van Der Hagen recently sent me a “Razolution” razor to evaluate.  After looking at it closely it took a couple days for me to work up the courage to try it. It has a ton of blade exposure, making it an aggressive razor. I also had to be careful with how I inserted the blades so they were evenly aligned. It bends the blades so much that I had to hold the razor handle almost parallel to the skin. The handle itself grips very well (I doubt this will slip out of someone’s hand easily). It is well-constructed out of good materials.

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