bevel kit

Bevel is a new brand of shaving products, including their own DE razor, that is specifically targeted to men of color but is useful for any shaver.  They sent me a sample set to try.



This article is not a sponsored post.  I am just a fan of Proraso–both the products and the company.

Jack Black Supreme Shave Cream – Macadamia Nut Oil, Soy

jack black shave cream

Recently, I was visiting our local beauty supply place to get my wife a hairbrush (oh, the things I do). I know they carry Art of Shaving, Jack Black’s and a few other shaving brands, so I asked if they had any shaving samples, and sure enough, they gave me a plethora of samples of Jack Black’s shaving products. On to the shave!  

Occams Shave Cream – Original Scent Review

occams shave cream

I admit that I tend to be US-centric in reviewing stuff for Sharpologist, because most of the readers are in the US.  But I also realize I really need to “expand my horizons” to what is available world-wide more often, so when I got a chance to get some Occams Shave Cream from Australia I decided to give it a try.

What Are The Best Selling Traditional Shaving Products?


What are the best selling, most popular ‘old school’ shaving products?  I’ve been wondering that for a while now.  I mean, a lot of people “in the know” recommend certain products over other products, but are they really getting purchased?  I decided to try to find out.