How To Not Choose The Wrong Cologne


Darwin believed that us humans produce two types of smells: defensive and attractive. When scientists delved into the topic of exactly what makes our nose tick for attraction, they came up with no exact answers. We do know that scents, both natural and unnatural, have profound effects on mood, but there are no studies that prove why these reactions exist. For now, science abandons us to figure out this whole scent thing out on our own.

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Prada Men’s Fragrances: Elegant, Italian Scents For Many Moods

I like the Prada brand a lot, but generally speaking, I can’t afford too many of classic Italian label’s products. The Prada eyeglasses I own are certainly the nicest I’ve worn, but beyond that, most of my Prada admiration comes from window-shopping only.

At a more modest price point, however, is Prada’s line of men’s colognes, but until now, I hadn’t smelled a fragrance from the brand that I really, really liked. All of the ones I’ve sniffed at department store counters contain some mix of feminine ingredients – iris, violet and/or amber – that ultimately turned me off. But recently, Prada sent over three fragrances to review, and I think I’ve finally found my new summer cologne.

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ZIRH Gets Back in the Fragrance Game

ZIRH didn’t have much convincing to do when they sent me their newly reissued mens’ colognes. Corduroy, which has been discontinued for some time, was launched in 2006 and was the first fragrance that I loved as an adult, and when it was still available at places like TJ Maxx, it was dirt cheap. A tremendous, tremendous value.

Now that ZIRH is back in the cologne game, I’ve had the chance to sample three of their four scents. Each is pretty great, but not surprisingly, Corduroy remains my top pick.

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